March 6, 2009

NiteCore and ZebraLight Flashlights

NiteCore.jpgThis is a new low for us. Usually on days where we don't have any time to post something up, we glom onto the work of our fellow tool bloggers or we do a quick youtube search for something like "excavator mishap." But here, we're going to take a reader's comment, add some photos and some links and voila, insta-post!

Reader Joel, who is obviously flashlight obsessed and knows far more about the tools than we do, left this comment on our review of the AltusLumen PAD-L:

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February 23, 2009

AltusLumen PAD-L Flashlight - Review

Pad_in_hand.jpgThe AltusLumen PAD-L Flashlight is one that is built with the company's ecologically-friendly mission fully in mind. AltusLumen states that it is the first "sustainable portable LED," that "the main housing is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum and polycarbonate," and finally that the light "is over 75% recyclable at the end of its useful life." This is all fine and good, but if the flashlight doesn't work that well, we're not really going to need to know what parts of it we can recycle, because we simply won't be buying the thing in the first place. That said, when we tested out the AltusLumen it was to see just that: is this a light worth buying? Does it work? Is there anything that sets it above the thousands of other flashlights on the market?

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December 22, 2008

Power Outage '08 MVPs

power_outage_mvp.jpgAs we've mentioned, we recently spent six days without power. Two of those days (the middle two) were spent elsewhere but we decided to return to the house to keep the wood stove going and to keep an eye on the pipes, hoping that we wouldn't have to go to any major preventative measures such as draining them or fussing with anti-freeze. During the course of the episode, we realized that there are a few items that came in really handy. And when we say, "really handy," what we mean is, "we couldn't have gotten by without them."

The items that achieved MVP status are as follows:

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October 14, 2008

Leatherman Serac S1, S2, and S3 Flashlights

leatherman_serac.jpgNow that they have attained total dominance of the multi-tool world, Leatherman has set its sights on the house of Maglite with the release of their three new LED flashlights; the Serac S1, the Serac S2, and the Serac S3.

Each light has an aluminum body, with the larger two having stainless steel bezels. The lights range from "fun-size Twix"-sized (S1) to "roll of quarters"-sized (S3). Because of the Leatherman name our guess is that they can take a beating. They look to us like they'd be good in the glove box, the kitchen drawer, the backpack, or the toolbox.

If you want to compare the three lights for yourself, Leatherman has set up this page where you can see all the stats side by side.

But for something this small, they sure aren't cheap. The S1 goes for $25, the S2 $50, and the S3 $70. Pretty expensive for something that weighs 2.6 oz.

Oh, and FYI, according to a Serac is, "a large irregularity of glacial ice, as a pinnacle found in glacial crevasses and formed by melting or movement of the ice." So if that doesn't make you feel rugged while you're using the light to find your car keys, we don't know what will.

Leatherman Serac S1 at
Leatherman Serac S2 at
Leatherman Serac S3 at

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August 28, 2008

Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight

stanley_3_in_1_tripod.jpgYou know those creepy photos you can find on the internet, the kind with the frog that wandered too close to the nuclear power plant and now has an extra arm growing out of it's forehead? That's what we think of when we look at Stanley's new 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight. We've got one of their standard tripod lights and are so used to it that this thing looks like some kind of ghastly genetic mutation. See it there with its freaky little, stunted silver legs and it's three heads all perched up top crowding each other in some Darwinian competition for to be the dominant head?

It's probably a nice light, but it sends a shiver up our spine.

This freakshow costs about $30 and is at

You can also still get the standard tripod light (which reminds us of Wall-E) at

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January 10, 2008

Husky 20 Million Rechargeable Spotlight

husky_20_million.jpgHusky has a new big light out on the market and if it's anything like their last one, you should be able to blind orbiting astronauts with it. Their latest portable sun is called the 20 Million (probably in reference to it's freakishly large candlepower) and it looks like it would be a good thing to have in the trunk of your car.

The light uses a replaceable 100 watt Phillips H-4 dual filament bulb. When fully charged, the light lasts about 25 minutes at full power. It comes with 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC adapters so recharging it shouldn't be a problem. Also included is a shoulder strap and a work stand. Since it's made for outdoor use, the 20 Million is weather-resistant.

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October 31, 2007

Maxxeon Workstar 1200

maxxeon_workstar.jpgMaxxeon, a company that specializes in work lights geared towards auto mechanics and other professionals, offers a little light called the WorkStar 1200.

Its features include a retractable hook; two magnets in the body so you can stick it against the hood of the car while you work; and an interesting head with two swivel points, allowing you to position the light in just about any way imaginable. The light also has a squared off body, so when you're not using the magnets, you'll be able to easily stabilize the light on it's side. The Workstar is cordless and can go for about five hours on a charge.

From the features, it's easy to see that although it would be a great light for a mechanic, it would also be a nice light for anyone in the trades (we're thinking plumbers and electricians), as well as any serious DIYer. It looks like a quality item and, because of that, it's going to cost you quite a bit more than your average work light. The Workstar retails for just under $100 at Amazon and almost $140 if you get it straight from Maxxeon.

For more information, there is a video here.

At Maxxeon and

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October 3, 2007

Husky 84-Watt Portable Tripod Fluorescent Work Light - Review

light_compact.jpgHusky has just released a new tripod work light and they were nice enough to let us try out. It's an interesting design, and one we've never seen before.

The light comes folded up, looking sort of like a camera tripod with a very large central shaft. At the end of the shaft is a small light. Once the legs of the tripod are set up, the shaft stands upright with the light on top. When you plug in the light (which is made easy by a nice 12' cord), the light on the top lights up (it's blue). Now, here's where it gets interesting. At this point, you find a little locking tab that you press and once that's done, you can now grab the little blue light and pull the main light out of the central shaft, where it's been nicely protected. Once the light slides up to as high as it will go, it locks into place and automatically turns on. This, we weren't ready for.

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