June 9, 2010

Big Tool Sale at Sears

sears-logo.jpgThis Sunday, June 13th, Sears is having a big Father's Day/Summer kick-off sale which looks like it includes 10% off just about everything (on top of other great deals). Not only is this sale going on in their brick and mortar stores, but online as well. There is more information here. At the link you can also....

1) Enter your zip code to get a flier of the deals that will be happening at your local Sears store.

2) Get a chance to win $1000 in Sears gift cards. To enter, it looks like you only need to tell some friends about the event.

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DeWalt ToughCase Winners

winner_hockey.jpgWe realized yesterday that we never announced our ToughCase winners. Well, we did our pickin' and this is what we got. The winners are as follows.

Laurie: I want a DeWalt Tough Case so I can give it to my husband for Father's Day (June 20) and his birthday (June 10). Our son is graduating from high school, and will be going to college in August. My husband and I promised each other that, in order to save money, we wouldn't buy each other any gifts. Well, come on! It's Father's Day AND his birthday!! How can I leave him empty handed?! Plus the Tough Case sounds like a really good idea because my hubby loses everything, and I am sick and tired of him asking me where his lag bolts, drill bits, screws, bolts, etc have gone. I'm sure whatever it is he is looking for his somewhere in the abyss known as "the garage", but until my adorable husband realizes that I think it'd be great to lend him a bit of a hand by giving him a Tough Case.

Bill: I want a DeWalt ToughCase because my 3 1/2 year old son saw it and told me "You need that daddy. It has magnets that are really strong and I can help you work... Yeah yeah that sounds really good. But daddy you have to keep away from the tv cause the magnets will hurt the tv and mommy will get mad... And watch out for the cabinet cause it is metal and the magnets will suck you in and you'll go BANG and then you'll be stuck! Yeah... Can we get one?..." I replied " we shall see...". And I got back... "Well can I have one then? I promise I'll be good (suck up smile)"

Lyndon: I want a DeWalt ToughCase because it will help me save my marriage. My wife leaves items like barrettes, bows, combs, brushes and other girly items in my truck. My friends and coworkers see these items and give me a really hard time about my "secret" life. The Dewalt ToughCase will give me a hiding place for these items. I can quickly place the items in the ToughCase and then stash it behind the seat attached to the back of the truck cab with the heavy duty magnets. If I don't get the ToughCase it's my wife or my friends. I really don't want to lose my wife. Help save my marriage please!!!!

Lucas: I want a DeWalt Toughcase because I am an idiot and didn't get my wife anything for mother's day. I believe that a Toughcase will be a wonderful jewelry box for her and when she doesn't like it and throws it out, I will gladly use it. Thanks for you consideration.

Mike: I want a DeWalt ToughCase because I once went to prison for beating a mime to death with my nail bag. The nails flew everywhere and it took the cops and I an hour to pick them all up. They were nice about it and even said they wouldn't have arrested me at all if I hadn't done it in the middle of a street fair. It was just a mime, after all. The DeWalt ToughCase would have not only made my job easier, it would have also saved our devoted law enforcement officers some tedious labor.

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June 8, 2010

Sears Dad's Making a Difference / Unsung Heroes Contest

atticus.gifIf you've ever wanted your name to be on the banner that hangs across Main St., this could be your best chance. During the month of June, Sears will be taking entries in their Dad's Making a Difference Contest with the grand prize winner walking away with $30,000 in materials and labor for a community project as well as $3000 in Craftsman tools. If you win this one, you'll definitely be asked to sit on the fire truck at the next 4th of July Parade. There will also be ten other winners of just the $3000 in tools.

To enter you need to submit a short essay (250 words) and a photo. According to Craftsman,

Nominations should focus on how the deserving dad uses his tools and talents for the benefit of a project in his hometown. Entries will be accepted from June 1 through June 30. From July 14-30, Americans can cast their votes for which deserving dad will receive a visit from the Blue Tool Crew with the tools and resources to bring their projects to life like never before.

There's more information and the complete rules at searsunsungheroes.com .

We've also posted up the press release after the jump. There's some good information there as well.

ArrowContinue reading: "Sears Dad's Making a Difference / Unsung Heroes Contest"

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May 25, 2010

10% Off Father's Day Gift Set at Channellock

VJ-1.gifIf you've been paying attention, last week we ran a contest giving away a nice set of Channellocks. We picked a winner (some dude named Jeff), so if you're one of the millions of people who didn't win, all is not lost! Channellock has been cool enough to pass on a coupon code for 10% off the prize gift set. The code is CP3Q1. Just enter that at check-out (at the Channellock Website), and you should be all set. More information on the set is here.

Again, the coupon code is CP3Q1 and it's valid at the Channellocks website until Father's Day.

A big thanks to Channellock for helping out with the giveaway and for supplying you, our readers, with the coupon.

Check out the gift set here.

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May 17, 2010

Win Things From Tool Snob!

lotto.jpgToday is the last chance to get entries in for the DeWalt Magnetic ToughCases that we're giving away. We'll be picking the winners tomorrow. Also, don't forget that you have the chance to win a Channellock Gift Set as well (you've got till Friday on that one).

More on the DeWalt giveaway here.

More on the Channellock giveaway here.

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May 13, 2010

Win a Channellock Gift Set from Tool Snob

VJ-1.gifSo yes, with the wonderful assistance of Channellock Tools, we're giving away a 2-plier gift set for Father's Day. The set includes a 9-1/2" V-Jawed Tongue and Groove Plier and a 6-1/2" V-Jawed Tongue and Groove Plier. We tested out the 6-1/2" model here. The gift set would be a nice gift for any dad.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling us why your dad, above all other dads, deserves these tools. Is it because he's restoring an old car? Is it because he lost his old ones? is it because you're getting to the age where you're starting to realize what a lousy kid you were and you feel compelled to give him things to make up for it?

We're going to pick the winner in a random drawing on Friday the 21st. Also, don't forget to enter to win a DeWalt ToughCase here.

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May 11, 2010

Win a DeWalt Magnetic ToughCase from Tool Snob

dewalt_toughcase_1.jpgWell, we just posted up a review of the DeWalt Magnetic ToughCase and now we're giving five of them away (with the generous assistance of DeWalt). We can attest that the little storage units are indeed 'tough' 'cases' and the magnets are a pretty cool touch. For our complete thoughts on the matter our review is here. If you'd rather skip the review and get to the part where you get free stuff read on...

So in order to enter you have to leave a comment at this post that completes the sentence, "I want a DeWalt ToughCase because..." We're going to pick the four entries that we like the best and the last winner will be chosen by a random drawing. Try to keep your answers specific to the ToughCase (i.e. "I want a DeWalt ToughCase because I'm totally awesome" isn't going to fly). We'll be judging on creativity, spunk, and pizazz.

We'll choose our winners in a week, so entries need to be in by next Monday night, May 17th. Good luck.

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March 30, 2010

Win a $250 Amazon Gift Card from Tool-Rank


Tool-Rank is giving away a $250 Amazon gift card and all you have to do to enter to win is join their site and write a quick review in one of their review categories (tools, media, stores). Each of the first five reviews that you write will be entered individually into the drawing, giving you more chances to win. The contest ends July 31st.

There is a ton of official sounding legal stuff over at the site showing that they're way more professional than us (we usually have our cat pick the winner).

More info at Tool-Rank.

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March 8, 2010

Acme Tools Launches New Retail Website

acme_logo.pngIn 1999, Acme Tools sold their online department to Amazon and since then, they've apparently been concentrating on expanding their brick and mortar stores in Iowa and Minnesota. But now it seems that they're back in action.

We checked their prices and they're in the range of most other online retailers. The site does have a couple cool features like a 'what's new' area and a standing gift guide. You can also 'shop by trade,' which is nice.

Acme Tools

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March 3, 2010

And the Winners Are.....


We've done our random drawing and have come up with the grand prize winner of the Craftsman MiterMate. First, we took all of your comments and gave each one a number and wrote those numbers on little pieces of paper and spread them out on the floor. Then, we plopped Tool Snob Jr. in the middle of it and the piece of paper he selected was the winner. Although he was momentarily distracted by Sullivan, the giant teddy bear, he soon got down to business and picked a winner. To make sure that the whole event was on the up and up, the drawing was monitored closely by Marlowe, the official sweepstakes observer.

And so the winner of the MiterMate is Beth who wrote in with this entry:

I absolutely need this. I currently have to borrow my cousin's husbands mitre saw, and granted he doesn't use it, neither do I, because it's broke, and I can't just go around returning broken miter saws to people, and saying things like 'it was this way when I found it', and by found it I mean dropped it.

Mostly I need to finished the molding and trim in the front room of my mothers house, before she gets back and sees that I ripped out all the old stuff.

So when I think do I need a mitersaw? The question is really do I wish to continue to be a member of this family and have a roof over my head?

Both answers are yes.

Thanks Toolsnob, I keep you in the heart of my toolbar, in the web browser of my life.

When we initiated the contest, we said we would choose another winner based on originality and creativity. As it turns out we chose two. These guys will be getting a random tool from the shop.

The first runner-up was David, who, if he won the saw, offered to devote 1-3 minutes each day to world peace. We're sorry that you didn't win the grand prize, David. It looks like Bono will just have to carry a little more weight on his shoulders.

The second runner-up was Bobby, who delivered his entry in the form of a haiku. We were stunned with his evocative words and are in the process of nominating him for the Bollingen Prize. Dim the lights and read the poem for yourself:

a mitermate saw!

while rebuilding my old shed

in spring would help much.

Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

And while those were the winners, we do want to say that we were immensely impressed with the quality of all the entries. With very few exceptions, they were great fun to read and we're honored to have such clever and crafty people visit our website. We also feel 100% of your pain with your old houses, in-progress renovations, and angry spouses. If we could, we would have given a MiterMate to each one of you. Honestly.

We would also like to thank Craftsman for suggesting the give-away in the first place.

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