April 12, 2011

Win a Pulverizer from Tool Snob!


Jackson has been nice enough to set aside a brand new Pulverizer for us to give away to one of you for all your pulverizing needs.

If you're curious about our thoughts on the tool, they're in the last post. If you don't care and want to get to the "How to Enter" part, read the next paragraph.

In order to enter to win, please leave a comment at this post telling us what would be the first thing you'd pulverize once you got this tool in your hands. Please feel free to add in any details...how you'd pulverize it, when you'd pulverize it, why you'd pulverize it. In can be anything too; from your crappy old back deck to your mother-in-law's car.

So have at it. In a week or so, maybe two, we'll pick the best one. Or maybe we'll have our cat pick it.

If you just want to go ahead and buy one, a Pulverizer can be had at Amazon.com.

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March 28, 2011

JLC Live: Rhode Island - Recap


Last Friday, we hopped in the truck and drove on down to the annual JLC Live trade show in Providence, RI. While we would have like to have seen more small companies (the kind comprised of one dude and a good idea), there was a pretty good showing from the tool crowd, particularly those who cater to the residential construction sect. It also seemed like we couldn't take three steps without bumping into someone who wanted you to check out their new hidden deck fastener system.

A few of the tool highlights....

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March 22, 2011

JLC Live: Rhode Island

JLC_live_2011.jpgThis coming weekend is the annual JLC Rhode Island trade show. I've gone plenty of times, but I've missed the past couple years. I'm making the trip this time though and will be wandering around the floor on Friday morning. If any of you guys are there and see me, feel free to come up and let me know what a lousy job I do with the site.

Tickets and all the information you need is at JlcLive.com.

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March 17, 2011

Win the Taj Ma'Playset from MyFixitUpLife


Our pals Mark and Theresa from MyFixitUpLife are running a pretty big contest with the winner getting a massive (and we mean MASSIVE) playset and $2,000 in Rockwell tools. Let's start with the playset. First, it's probably no accident that the sketch of this thing looks like it fell out of one of DaVinci's notebooks. This thing is huge and it's crazy. It looks like it should come with its own butler. Maybe a trebuchet too.

And the $2,000 in tools includes two Rockwell JawHorses which is honestly all you need to know. As a good friend of ours once said, "having one JawHorse is like having a helper, having two is like having five helpers." The JawHorse is one of our favorites and the chance to get a couple for free is something that all of you should take a look at.

To enter, you just have to explain why you are the one who deserves to win. Finalists are selected by online voting and the winner will be chosen by a panel of judges (fyi: our cat Marlowe, who chooses all of our contest winners, has yet to be asked...wtf?).

All the information you need including how to enter, details on the tools, and details on the playset are here.

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March 16, 2011

Tool Deals Around the Internets...


Just got word of a few items worth looking at...

First, Jet and Powermatic are having their twice yearly sale...15% off all woodworking tools and CPO has the good on both brands...Jet here and Powermatic here. The sale is through March 21st. Some of the items are pretty big ticket, so 15% can really add up.

Second, Tool Nut is going to have the new Festool Drills starting June 1st. The 564261 (pictured) and the 564274. Both drills, are 10.8 volt (a.k.a. 12 volts) and will be under $300. Check out FestoolProducts.com for more information.

And thirdly, Ohio Power Tool, as always, has a number of good deals...with bargains on some Bosch cordless items as well as Milwaukee's V28 line. More info at OPT.

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February 10, 2011

...And the Winner of the $200 Home Depot Gift Card is.....


..some dude named Jeff.

Marlowe the WonderCat reviewed all of your entries (pictured) and chose the one he saw fit. Actually, I wrote all the names on pieces of paper, spread them on the floor, and chose the first one he sat on.

Here's Jeff's entry:

I have an ever-expanding list for a bathroom remodel, starting with
wanting to rip out my chimney in order to gain the room I need, moving
(and replacing) the water heater so I don't have a gawdawful closet
INSIDE the new space...demolition of the concrete to move the fixtures
from the terrible location they're currently in, removing the current
walls to reframe something more useful, pulling up the warped
flooring...I'm hoping I can win the "dent-starter" you're offering.

If you didn't win, there's still time to cash in on all the bathroom savings that Home Depot has as part of their Renew and Redo promotion. We've got all kinds of details here.

...And of course we'd like to thank Home Depot for sponsoring the contest.

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February 9, 2011



The guys over at Tool Nut have expanded their stock to now include Festool Products and they've just launched their online site, FestoolProducts.com, to prove it.

With a lot of tools, you can shop around and get a good deal, but that's not going to happen if you're buying a Festool product. For the most part, the price is the price and that's that. So, to us, it comes down to which retailer you like and we like the guys at Tool Nut. We've gotten to know them over the years and can vouch for their customer service and general attentiveness. They're good peeps.

Their new site is nice too. We compared it to a few of the other Festool retailers and it's the easiest to get around in.

So go and check it out here.

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February 2, 2011

Win a $200 Home Depot Gift Card from Tool Snob

Yeah, so about our bathroom...


I think I'll be needing some new tile.


And perhaps a new vent fan.

I'm probably not going to make any tile decisions just yet, not until the final layout is decided, but the vent fan I can get and maybe this high efficiency throne as well. And now's actually a good time to be thinking about renovating the bathroom because Home Depot is rocking their bathroom Renew and Redo promotion with some sale items that are downright silly in price. Check out the discounted bath accessories here.

And don't forget that Home Depot is supplying us with a $200 gift card to give away to one of you. Details on how to enter are here.

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January 23, 2011

Home Depot Renew and Redo (And Win a $200 Gift Card from Tool Snob!)


It's hard for us to even list the things wrong with our bathroom. To get a sense of the general state of things, check out this picture. It's one of the nicer elements of the room. The other day, Mrs. Tool Snob was cleaning the back splash and five tiles fell off. Just fell off. So, needless to say, we're planning a little fluff and buff of the room. And what a perfect time to have this in our heads because this weekend, Home Depot is kicking off their Renew and Redo Program.

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January 20, 2011

Reconditioned Festool Products (Limited Sale...Big Savings)


There are two prevailing facts about Festool products:

1. They're built to extremely high quality standards.

2. They're expensive as hell.

Because of these two facts, there are a lot of people out there who really want some Festool products in the arsenal, but have a hard time pulling the trigger on the cost. Well, here's your chance...

For a limited time, Festool is selling their reconditioned stock. What is a reconditioned tool, you ask? Well, in our earlier post on the subject, we wrote,

Essentially, a factory reconditioned tool is one that has, for one reason or another, been purchased, returned, revamped, and is now in the process of being resold. The important part to keep in mind is that once the tool is returned to the manufacturer; they inspect it and, if needed, repair it, bringing it back up to 'new' standards. Because some tools are returned due to user preference (too heavy, hate the color, dad already has one), not all reconditioned tools need repairs or have ever had any defects. It's just that once the original packaging has been removed, they can no longer be sold as new. At the very worst, the tool may show very slight signs of usage. Maybe someone drove a few screws with that screw gun and decided it wasn't powerful enough, that sort of thing.

So here's your chance to get some sweet products at some nice discounts. We just got the Tool Nut email with the information...

Festool has just announced their reconditioned tool program. While supplies last and for a limited time only, thru February 1st to the 28th, you can grab any Festool for 10% up to 20% off. Yes, you heard us right, a 20% discount on Festool tools! Start your shopping here.

The program works like this. Check out Festool's reconditioned website. Pick out a tool. Call us at 877-TOOLNUT to place your order...your tool will be on it's way!

Tools will begin shipping February 1st. Supplies are very limited on a first come first served basis. Program ends on February 28th or while supplies last.

Festool isn't know for having much in the way of sales, so this is a big deal. We checked out the site and there's a Domino for $550, Jigsaws for about $250, and a Kapex for just a whisker over $1,000. Get 'em while they're hot.

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