June 8, 2009

Win a Skil 4-Piece Lithium-Ion Kit at Tool Snob

skil_4_combo.jpgEarlier today, we reviewed Skil's new 4-Piece Lithium-Ion tool kit and found it to be a great set of tools at a great price. We'll now, we're offering a way to get one at 100% off. We're going to give away the kit that we used for our review to one lucky reader. It's dusted with sawdust,and you'll have to get new recip blades because we toasted the ones that were included, but other than that, brand new.

To enter to win, leave a comment at this post (don't worry, your email remains private) saying what you would build with the kit. The contest is just in time for Father's Day and we'll be randomly choosing a winner from all of the entries on Saturday, June 13th. Also, don't forget to enter to win the $100 Home Depot gift card as well. Details on that one here.

To learn more about the Skil Combo kit, our review is here and the Skil site is here.

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June 5, 2009

Win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card from Tool Snob!

roulette.jpgRemember how dad stayed up all night to build your fifth grade science project? Remember how he took years off his life by teaching you how to drive? Remember when he didn't kill you after you melted all of your crayons on the radiators? It's time to repay the old man, and there's really no better way than giving him a wild spending spree at Home Depot.

The way we see it, there are a few ways to go about this. First, you could go to any Home Depot and buy a gift card. Second, you could go to the Home Depot website and order up the card. The third way, and the most rewarding with the least amount of effort, is to leave a comment at this post telling us the items you would get your pops with a $100 Home Depot gift certificate and if you're the lucky winner of the random drawing, we'll have said $100 gift certificate heading your way with plenty of time to spare for Father's Day. The gift certificate is being very generously supplied by Home Depot and they will be mailing it direct, so there won't be the ridiculous delays that happen when we mail something out.

So that's it. That's all you have to do....just leave a comment on this post telling us how you or your dad would chew through $100 at Home Depot and we'll pick a random winner in a week...next Friday (June 12th).

What would we use the certificate to buy? We're of two minds with the whole gift certificate thing. There's something that really bothers us about paying to replace our everyday tools; things like tape measures, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, etc. So when we get a gift certificate, our first inclination is to use it for those items. Spending $30 of our own money to replace a tape measure really irritates us for some reason. But then we start thinking about it we usually end up using gift certificates for some odd splurge, some tool that we don't have and we really don't need. But why not own a 23 gauge pinner or a RotoZip?

So help dad out and tell us what you'd get him or what you think he should get. You just might win a $100 gift certificate.

Also, if you decide to get your own Gift Card, there are three new designs. One of which looks like it's made out of duct tape and comes with a free 3/8 drill bit.

Order a Home Depot gift card here.

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May 13, 2009

Summer Project Plans from Lowes and Skil

boot_bird_house.jpgLowes and Skil have teamed up to offer four nice project plans to enhance your summer outdoor activities. They are all relatively basic and are actually part of a contest encouraging families to build the projects together. The plans are for a birdhouse (not the one pictured); two different lawn games; and a nice deck cooler, so when you're done building, you and your 12-year-old can pound some cold Budweisers.

The plans are nice because they don't leave any room for error in the 'materials acquisition' phase. They tell you everything you need right up front so there are no return trips to the store to get the wood glue you forgot. They're also very easy to understand and they cover the basics so well that if you want to get creative and improvise, it'll be pretty easy.

To enter the contest, you need to make one of the four projects with the assistance of your wee one. Grand prize is a trip for four to one of ten theme parks, other prizes include a Skil workshop and other Skil tools, including the amazing Power Wrench (our review here)

Birdhouse plans
Ring Toss plans
Bag Toss Plans
Deck Box Plans
Information on the Lowes/Skil contest is here.

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April 8, 2009

50% Off All Orders Over $100 at Dead On Tools


While we were doing a little research for our review of the Dead On Annihilator the other day, we saw that Dead On is offering a whopping 50% off on all orders over $100. There's not a whole lot more information than that, pretty much all that we know is in the above image. No indication of how long the promotion will last.

Aside from the Annihilator, they make some really nice hammers and also a cool selection of clothing and accessories so it's not going to be too hard to hit that $100 mark.

At Dead On

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April 6, 2009

We Have a Winner!

winner_chastain.jpgWe put all the names into a hat and the winner of the $200 Home Depot gift card is someone who goes by the name of "Kevin." According to his entry, he's going to use the card to rent a floor edger in order to refinish a pine floor that he discovered under a carpet. It's funny, but we're in the middle of the same process (in our case the floor is fir) and we ended up renting a 4 pad orbital floor sander from Home Depot just this past Sunday. We toyed with the idea of saving the cash and using a belt sander and orbital (it's only one room, right?), but we quickly discovered that it's just not worth it to deal with the struggle. The floor sander had the floor completely prepped in about an hour and a half.

So keep the Home Depot rentals in mind as you plan your summer projects. It might seem unnecessary at first, but once you start to figure in your time spent doing things in a half-assed fashion, you realize that renting the right tool is the way to go.

Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for entering.

Check out Home Depot's rental page here.

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April 5, 2009

Last Chance to Win $200 from Home Depot

Today is the final day we're accepting entries for the $200 Home Depot gift card that we're giving away (with the help of the fine people at HD, of course). Details on the contest are here.

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April 2, 2009

JLC LIVE New England '09

Thumbnail image for jlc_ri.jpg

This was the first year in quite a while that we didn't head down to the JLC Rhode Island Trade Show. We're not sure if we just got used to it over the years, but thinking back, the past few times just weren't all that exciting. While there is usually at least one or two interesting new tools, taking the day off from work and trekking all the way there just didn't seem worth it this year. A pal of ours went and he confirmed our thoughts with, "yeah, it was alright. Same as last year."

But, if you're curious about the show, AceToolOnline has a few photos that give a gist of what it's like (essentially, a ton of dudes milling around like 300 goldfish in a one gallon tank).

Check out the photos here.

There are also going to be shows in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. For info on these shows, visit JLC Live.

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March 25, 2009

Northern Tool 2009 Spring/Summer Catalog

Thumbnail image for northerntool_logo.gifYesterday, the Northern Tool 2009 Spring/Summer Catalog came in the mail. Other than Grizzly Tools and Victoria's Secret this may very well be our favorite catalog.

The 600+ page book boasts over 10,000 products which range from logging equipment to hand tools to the off-road commode (a.k.a: the bumper dumper). It's a great catalog to have around and one that's perfect to keep next to your non-off-road-commode.

Go to Northern Tool and sign up for the free catalog here.

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March 23, 2009

Win a $200 Home Depot Gift Certificate From Tool Snob!

home_depot_logo.jpgWe at Tool Snob have gotten in cahoots with Home Depot in order to bring you, our readers, another contest. This time the prize is a $200 Home Depot gift card which we're sure would give a nice little boost to your planned summer projects.

One way to save money on your spring and summer renovations is to rent the tools that you need instead of buying them. Home Depot has an extensive line of rentals (more than 325 types of tools) ranging from jackhammers to cement mixers to nail guns. In the past, we've actually rented a wood chipper from them and it ended up saving us the money and hassle of getting a tree guy to come and do the work.

Entering the contest is simple. First go to the Home Depot rental page and check out all of the tools they have for rent (they have both home owner and contractor sections), then choose a tool that you might want for an upcoming project and leave a comment at this post telling us what tool you'd rent with a quick description of what project you'd use it for. Then, in two weeks, we're going to have a random drawing and one of you walks away with a $200 Home Depot gift card.

We'll be accepting entries until Sunday, April 5th. We'll announce the winner, the following day, Monday, April 6th.

To see what tools Home Depot has available for rent, go here.

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March 20, 2009

Popular Science: Best of What's New '09


The good folks at Popular Science have just announced that they've started accepting nominations for their 2009 Best of What's New issue, due out in December. The issue looks at all of the most innovative, useful new items in a number of categories such as home technology, automotive, and personal health.

In order to be considered, your product must have a release date of no earlier than October 1, 2008.The entry fee is currently $300, but goes up to $350 after August 15th. The deadline for entries is August 21.

It's a great issue and one we look forward to. If you have time, it's fun to browse the last few years of winners.

Check out the rules and regulations or submit a product here
Previous winners here: 2008, 2007, 2006

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