February 19, 2008

Robert Larson Shavehook (Molding Scraper) Set with 3 Blades

shavehook.jpgWe've been on the lookout for a molding scraper since we recently started a door restoration project. Now that most of the paint is scraped, it's time to bite the bullet and go out and get one. After doing some research, we're pretty sure we're going to go with this nice little set. It comes with a handle, a wrench for blade changing, and three different blades, each capable of handling different profiles.

There might be better ones out there but this one is very similar to one that we used to have and that one worked great. It's also only $17, so that's good too. If anyone out there knows of a better one, drop a line and let us know.

At Amazon.com

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December 12, 2007

Wagner Paint Crew Plus - Review

pcp.jpgPaint Sprayers exist in that terrifying realm of contractors only. But now, Wagner, makers of the great PaintEater, have produced the Paint Crew Plus for the DIYer who wants to take advantage of the wonders of paint spraying.

The Paint Crew Plus (PCP) has the general look and feel of a pressure washer. It has the same two-wheel dolly set-up, complete with a telescoping handle. The machine is easy to roll around, and when it comes time to carry it up a flight of stairs, it's relatively light. It has a removable hopper, 25' of hose, and a roller head that attaches to the sprayer. After some minor assembly (putting the wheels and handle on), we were ready for action.

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October 25, 2007

Wagner Paint Crew Plus Arrives for Review

wagner_Paint_crew_plus.jpgWagner is really carving out a nice market for themselves by taking professional grade painting technologies and reworking them into user-friendly, non-intimidating packages for the DIYer. They did it with their PaintEater and their Power Tex and now, they've created the Paint Crew Plus.

The Paint Crew Plus is a paint spraying machine that has uses for both interior and exterior painting. It looks like it's loaded with some nice features including a roller arm accessory, and an adjustable pressure selector.

Wagner was nice enough to ship us one, and we're looking forward to testing it out and letting you know how it goes.

At Amazon.com

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August 9, 2007

The Spout Popper

We were just tipped off about this interesting little gizmo. It's called the Spout Popper and it helps with prepping a caulking tube for use. It looks like it has the same general design as a cigar cutter, except that the Spout Popper has three sizes of cuts to choose from. In addition, the way the Spout Popper fits over the caulking tube, it automatically aligns itself to make a 45 degree cut. The tool also has a seal puncture that works just like the one that's already on your caulking gun.

We've never been a fan of the cutters that are built-in to some caulking guns; it's tough to cut at an angle and there is only so far that you can get the nozzle in to make the cut. We tend to use our utility knife and although we fare much better than the girl in the Spout Popper movie, our cuts are inconsistent from tube to tube and at times can be a bit ragged. It looks like the Spout Popper solves those issues by making the same cut every single time. The design also protects the blade when not in use so we imagine that the Spout Popper has a fairly substantial lifetime. Having the three distinct sizes really standardizes your caulking beads and knowing that you have the same size hole each time allows you to get right to the caulking, as opposed to readjusting your stance or your caulking speed in order to continue a similar bead from tube to tube.

The Spout Popper is about $4 and is available at their website as well as at Ace Hardware (it's not on their website yet).

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August 8, 2007

Ace Sensations - Review

01_sensations.jpgRecently, Ace released a line of paint called Ace Sensations. But don't think that it's an ordinary, run-of-the-mill paint, because it's not. It's somehow made with Scotchguard, giving it extra stain blocking abilities. Is there finally a paint on the market that is perfect for insanely messy people or those of you with children who haven't yet mastered the art of eating while not throwing? Well, the good people at Ace were nice enough to get a gallon of the stuff in our hands for us to test out, and we had at it with some of the nastiest, greasiest pasta sauce we could find.

First, some basics about the paint: it's latex, so the application and cleanup are relatively easy and clean. It is mildew resistant, making it ideal for bathrooms and other high-moisture areas. And it is available in both flat and satin finish.

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July 11, 2007

Wagner PaintEater - Review

painteater1.jpgWe're pretty vocal about our dislike (hatred, really) of painting. We're happy to spend 10 hours shaping a piece of wood, but for some reason we don't have the patience to paint it. And if painting isn't bad enough, there's scraping to think about. If painting is like getting your fingernail pulled off, scraping is like being drawn and quartered. So when we heard about Wagner's new PaintEater, we dove at the opportunity to test one out and see if it makes the unbearable at least somewhat bearable.

First, about the tool. The PaintEater is about the size of a coffee can. It's got an adjustable Velcro hand strap around the main grip as well as a secondary handle that can retract back up to the body of the tool when not in use. The handle, when in the down or up position, locks in place preventing any slipping or unexpected movement. The on-off switch has a nice dust protected cover over it and is located in a convenient spot. At the bottom of the tool is the brillo-like pad that does the actual paint eating. The pad is a bit hard to describe, it reminds us more of a sea creature than anything else. It's much more rigid than a brillo, but there is a bit of a give to it. The disc can be easily removed with an arbor stop and a twist of the pad. The tool is pretty light (3.8 lbs), so there should be no problem spending a day on a ladder with it.

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July 9, 2007

Little Giant Ladder System 1A

little_giant_ladder.jpgLadders are an essential part of most home improvement projects, whether it’s changing a light bulb, painting the house, or putting up wall paper. In fact, it’s likely that you need not one ladder, but three or four; a 6’ step, an 8’ step, and one, possibly two extension ladders. OR, you could just get The Little Giant Ladder System 1A.

This innovative ladder (or ‘ladders’) is built in such a way that you can reconfigure them into whichever type of ladder is appropriate. No more leaning the step ladder against the house (a big no-no in the ladder world).

Constructed out of aluminum, the Little Giant is both strong and light. According to their website, the ladder is government rated for up to 300 lbs, but survived a 1200 lb stress test with no problem. A durable fiberglass model is also available.

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June 13, 2007

Wagner Power Tex

Wagner_Power_TEX.JPGWagner Spray Tech, makers of the interesting new Painteater, have also recently released the Wagner Power Tex, a cool new way to apply texture to walls and ceilings. The great innovation of the Power Tex is that it has the same basic functions of a commercial grade sprayer, but it’s powered by electricity, so there’s no cumbersome compressor and hoses to deal with.

Because of this ease of use, the Power Tex is useful for small patching jobs, but according to the Wagner Spray Tech website, it is also powerful enough to do an entire room. We’ve seen the pros do it and can attest that they come with a lot of equipment. We’ve also tried the spray can method and it’s messy and very inconsistent. If the Power Tex is what Wagner says it is, it should put professional quality work in the hands of the homeowner.

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May 31, 2007

Ace Sensations Paint

ace_sensations.jpgAce has recently released an interesting new paint that’s worth taking a look at, especially if you have kids or are prone to splashing red wine and motor oil on your walls. The paint is called Ace Sensations and is an acrylic latex made with Scotchguard Protector, a proven name in stain resistance.

According to the Ace website, many common stains can be removed with a quick clean up and with no damage to the paint's finish. Ace Sensations is also mildew resistance so it’s good for the bathroom and kitchen too. The finish on the paint is flat, but it cleans up like a semi-gloss. In addition, only one coat is needed for complete coverage.

Ace Sensations is available only at Ace Hardware and can be mixed into one of over a thousand colors. It retails for about $25 a gallon. To find an Ace near you, click here.

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May 23, 2007

Wagner PaintEater

Wagner_painteater.jpgIf you're thinking about painting the house this summer, you're probably already dreading the scraping process; endless hours on a ladder covered with paint chips, scraping till it feels like you're arm's going to fall off. If this is your reoccurring nightmare, Wagner has a tool that might make things a lot easier for you. The PaintEater, aside from having a superhero name worthy of DC Comics, is a surface preparation tool that looks like it could help anyone speed up the first agonizing step of the painting routine.

The PaintEater exists somewhere between a grinder and an orbital sander. The pad looks like a circular Brillo and according to the Wagner website, isn't prone to getting clogged up with paint chips and dust. The tool has a Velcro hand strap for ladder work and a tool free arbor lock for quick and easy pad changing. There is also a secondary, retractable handle for those times when one hand just isn't cutting it.

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