December 22, 2010

Johnson Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser - Review


After the Big Bosch Laser Bonanza that we had going on a little bit ago, we thought we'd never want to write another word about laser levels. But we got to talking to the folks at Johnson Level and Tool and they suggested that we test out their new Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser. We had a bunch of projects coming up that would be perfect testing grounds and we were really impressed with their Laser Level and Angle Locator so we happily agreed.

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November 5, 2010

Bosch GLL3-80 360 Degree Line Laser

bosch_GLL380.jpgWe can hardly even bring ourselves to talk about this one. After a month of us wading through about a million reader reviews of the Bosch GLL2-80 Dual Plane Line Laser, the German company has the audacity to release the GLL3-80 360 Line Laser. Like the name suggests, there are now three, not two, laser lines projected from the tool. As with the older model, the new one's mojo is centered around the very cool Cone Mirror Technology (explained here).

And that third laser sure costs a whole lot of money; $230 to be exact. Ohio Power Tool is selling the three-beam for $500 while the the GLL2 for about $270.

At Ohio Power Tool

Check out the press release after the jump...

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October 4, 2010

Johnson Digital Laser Level & Angle Locator - Review


The digital world has made a beachhead and now seems to be in the process a full-fledged invasion into the dusty universe of the construction site. Laser levels, which used to be the exception, are now the rule. In addition, there are all kinds of measuring devices and task-specific layout lasers that have recently hit the scene. And on top of all this, a couple of digital angle finders have shown up. Among them, the Johnson Digital Laser Level and Angle Locator. Johnson was nice enough to send us one to take a look at.

So what exactly does this tool do?

Well, it does a lot actually. Where to start....

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September 28, 2010

Bosch GLL2-80 Laser Level - Reader Review (Eric F.)

We've been impressed with most of the laser review thus far, but this one brings 'thoroughness' to a previously unseen level. Reader Eric does a nice comparison to a few other models on the market. He also explains the economics behind Bosch not including a receiver with the level (a criticism levied by a few other reviewers). Read on for a little head to head to head to head level action...


In my current occupation as a Energy Auditor and Home Consultant I don't have the need to use lasers as much as I did when I was a draftsman or carpenter but I did put the Bosch GLL2-80 features to the test and compared them to what I have experienced in the past. My first experience with a dual axis rotary laser was years ago when I purchased a Porter-Cable/RoboToolz RT-7690, the Porter-Cable is one of 3 tools I compared the Bosch laser to; the other two a DeWalt DW082 mainly for size comparison, and lastly a ZipLevel by Technidea for what a laser level can't do.

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September 27, 2010

Bosch GLL2-80 Laser Level - Reader Review (Brian B.)

We took a little break from our Bosch-a-palooza laser review extravaganza, but now we're back with it, lead by reader Brian B. who, like many others, has something to say about what's included in the package....


When I first got the Bosch GLL-2 80 Laser Level I was stoked. I am finally done struggling with my crappy $15 laser pointer with a line painter lens and a bubble all on a mini tripod tool. (See Photo) Even describing that thing is annoying and time consuming just like using it.

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Zircon WL25 Pro Water Level

zircon_water_level.jpgWater levels are great. They're cheap (all you need is a piece of tubing), accurate (water finds its own level, duh), and can accomplish things that the most expensive laser levels can't (going around corners). The only drawback is that they require two people; one on one end of the tube and one on the other end of the tube.

We saw the Zircon WL25 in a store today and thought it was worth a mention, if for the only reason that it brings this ancient technology into present day by adding some electronics and in the process removes 50% of the workforce needed for operation.

It looks like what you do is hang the level where you want it and once you're around the corner, the level lets out a noise when the water reaches the pre-established spot.

The reviews at Amazon are actually pretty luke warm, with some complaints about the noise as well as the accuracy of the sensor.

There are two versions available; one with just 25' of tube and the sensor piece, the other is the 'pro' version with the tube, the sensor, easy fill nozzles, and a coupling so you can attach the tube to a length of garden hose.

Basic kit $25 at

Pro kit at Sears $40 at Sears

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September 14, 2010

Bosch GLL2-80 Laser Level - Reader Review (Mike K.)

Yet another round of the Bosch reader we see how the tool fares against an engineer...

Bosch_mike_k_House.jpgAs an engineer for an industrial wood products manufacturer and a part time "handyman" for friends and family I'm exposed to a variety of projects that until a couple weeks ago could have been accomplished more efficiently had I already had a Bosch GLL2-80 laser level. I purchased a different brand laser level years ago that was not self-leveling that was essentially worthless because the set up time to level it made it more trouble than it was worth.

When the Bosch GLL2-80 arrived I immediately took it out of the box, turned it on, and was very pleased to have level lines running throughout my house without the need for manual adjustment.

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September 9, 2010

Bosch GLL2-80 Laser Level - Reader Review (Rob T.)

This time around, the Bosch gets the handyman treatment...

bosch_laser_RT.jpg bosch_laser_RT1.jpg

I, like others was both pleased and shocked when I opened the package from Bosch....pleased that I was selected to be a tester of the GLL2-80 and shocked when I opened the case and two thirds of it was empty. What else is supposed to be in there?

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September 8, 2010

Bosch GLL2-80 Laser Level - Reader Review (Derek C.)

More successful hands on testing of the Bosch laser...but also more criticism of the lack of receiver in the on...

bosch_laser_DC.jpgI am a General Contractor that has a lot of remodel projects so i am use to things being out of level and out of plumb. Before i received the Bosch GLL2-80 i had been researching different lasers in preparation to purchase one. I have owned one other line level previously, it was a Christmas present from a relative and to say the least it was unreliable.

After a few minutes of playing with the Bosch and a quick glance of the owners manual the basic operation is quiet easy. I love how compact the case is, it is just the right size to win a permanent spot in the back seat of the truck.

The First job i took it on we were installing drywall over an old ceiling in a house build in the 1920's. So needless too say nothing was square. Usually i would get the chalk box out and pop a line where the edge of the drywall needed to be to take out any curves in the wall. But we use the GLL2-80 instead, we set the laser line and set each sheet to it.

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September 3, 2010

Bosch GLL2-80 Laser Level - Reader Review (Jim E.)

In this installment of the ongoing Bosch Laser reader reviews, Jim E discusses the laser as well as what other items come in the box (or rather, what other items don't come in the box)...

bosch_laser_JE.jpgMuch like Richard K. from Florida, when I received my Bosch laser level courtesy of, I was surprised by the size of the carrying case, and thought to myself, "Well, that must be because, unlike other laser levels I've used, it comes with many helpful accessories, such as a tripod, laser receiver, etc." Unfortunately, that's not...well...the case. So let me get the negatives out of the way right away. The laser is kind of lonely in its large plastic caddy, as standard delivery does not include a tripod, laser viewing glasses (pretty essential in bright ambient light conditions), remote receiver for pulse mode, a smaller pouch to save tool shelf room, or (according to the manual) the very useful universal holder, which was included in the package sent to me for this review. If paying extra for some necessary accessories is not a problem, however, the Bosch GLL2-80 Laser Level is a great tool.

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