December 10, 2010

StreamWorks LightTools


Hand tools coming equipped with LEDs...

Is it stupid?

Our first snap judgment was 'yup,' but now that we've thought about it, we're not so sure.

We have two points to make on the subject:

1. We thought LEDs in power tools were dumb the first time we saw them. Um...yeah...we were wrong that time....

2. Our MegaPro ratcheting screwdriver (reviewed here), came with a little light that attaches to the stem of the tool. Again, we rolled our eyes when we looked at it, but these past few months, we've used that goofy little thing at least 100 times. It's nice not having to haul out and set up a work light (with an extension cord) if you only need to see the head of a screw or the angle of a nut.

Maybe hand tools with lights on them will become the standard. That seems to be the situation that StreamWorks is hoping for. It doesn't look like the company is selling the tools as much as they're selling the technology. StreamWorks appears to be a development company in search of a buyer. This looks like the kind of thing that Milwaukee might incorporate into their tools, or maybe Irwin or Channellock. Or maybe none of the above. Maybe it is a silly idea.

More information at LightTools

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December 2, 2010

The Return of Husky Tools (sort of...)

husky.pngWe noted with sadness a while back that the Husky website had been taken down and replaced with an automatic redirect to Home Depot's front page (it has since been updated to a Husky micro-store within the HD template). It had been obvious for quite some time that Husky had become a house brand for Home Depot, but still we wished that they had kept some kind of website up, if only to create the illusion of independence.

So we perked up a little at the news that Husky once again has an online presence, at least in a kinda, sorta, kinda sorta way. highlights 12 new tools and tool sets from Husky, complete with videos. The site doesn't look or act like a company website, but more like the digital version of one of those massive Husky Home Depot displays that we see during the holidays, complete with screwdriver sets, Stubby kits, and wrench sets.

We actually still have most of our original Stubby Set and, for the price, we think that the Husky sets are a real steal. Not to mention that they're "guaranteed forever."

More information at

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November 24, 2010

Porter-Cable 560 Quik Jig Pocket Hole Joinery System - Review

pc_quik_hero1.JPG pc_quik_hero2.JPG

Pocket hole jigs are an easy way to make a nice, tight, glue-free joint. It's basically a jig for pre-drilling the hole for a low-angled toe-screw and it's good for cabinet work, built-ins, saw jigs, all sorts of butt-joint stuff. There hasn't been a whole lot of innovation to the category since Kreg developed their Master Kit, which has since become the standard.

Well, Porter-Cable obviously wasn't satisfied with the current technology, so they've gone and developed something they call the 560 Quik Jig and after reading the initial press release, we did a round of high-fives when we got word that they agreed to box one up and sent it our way for reviewing purposes.

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November 17, 2010

General Tools Lighted Inspection Mirror


With all the la-de-da over inspection cameras like the Ridgid and Milwaukee, it's easy to forget about the usefulness of a good old pivoting mirror. Sure, they can't wind through a wall, but they can get around a corner or up above a pipe in a cramped joist bay.

So to bring the antiquated technology one step closer to post-wheel civilized man, General Tools has added two LEDs to the end of the mirror. It's a great feature, and if you've ever used an inspection mirror, you probably think so too. Getting a flashlight and a mirror up into whatever awful space it is you're trying to investigate is terrible work. Then you've got to angle the light just right, oh no a little to the left, now, back to the right a bit. Forget it.

$15 at General Tools

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November 16, 2010

Spring Tools 32R02-1 Combination Center Punch and 2/32-Inch Nail Set

spring_tools_nail_set.jpgWe were at the hardware store the other day and saw a display of these things. The only thing odd was that the display was entirely empty. The guys behind the counter said they've never seen anything sell so fast and that contractors were buying them hand over fist. So there's either a massive curiosity factor here or one guy got one and it worked great and then everyone else on the site suddenly needed one and then each of those guys told two of their friends and then...empty display.

Regardless of how it got so popular, it looks like an interesting item and for under $10, probably something worth having in the tool box. The premise is 3rd grade simple, instead of hitting the end to set the nail head, just pull the spring-loaded back half of the tool and let go. There's an Amazon review that says it takes a few hits with hardwoods.

If you're looking for other innovations in the mystical world of nail sets, check out Stanley's Reversible one here.

Spring Tools Center Punch and Nail Set at

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October 28, 2010

Wiha Inomic Insulated Combo Pliers

wiha_ergonomic.jpgWhen we first saw these, we thought, "aww, that's cute, something for the weak-handed, light-duty DIY crowd." But it turns out that these things are like $40 and they're insulated to 1000 volts. So, yeah, maybe not the right tool for your mom.

Designed to take some of the stress off your wrist, the funky shape of these pliers definitely cause a double take. We scanned the Amazon reviews and there's a guy who says that there's too much flex in the handle (causing the pliers to be unable to cut 12/2 wire). If the handles are plastic, and it looks like they are, that seems likely.


There are some other models here.

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October 13, 2010

Channellock Ratcheting Wrenches - Review

Channellock recently hit the scene with these two little ratcheting wrenches. They were nice enough to drop one of each in the mail to us so we could give them a look and a test and a drop and a kick and a throw and a crush and a smash.

ArrowContinue reading: "Channellock Ratcheting Wrenches - Review"

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October 5, 2010

Snap-On Folding Work Knife and Carbide Sharpener Combo Pack - Review


Monday through Friday, we don't leave the house without a utility knife in the pocket (lately, the new Milwaukee one). We opt for that style due to the easily replaceable blades. We've tried using traditional knives on job sites and they get ruined pretty quickly. Sometimes all it takes is a few pieces of Ice and Water Shield before we want to just toss the thing away.

But on the weekends, it's nice to have a regular knife on hand for opening packages, cleaning the fingernails, picking the teeth, or gutting the occasional deer. Let's face it, someone who carries around a razor blade utility knife on the weekends is just plain creepy. Snap-On recently sent us their Folding Work Knife / Sharpener combo pack and we've been toting it around for over a month now and we've come to our verdict.

And that verdict is....

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September 17, 2010

Channellock 369 High Leverage Linesman Pliers - Review

Channellock_linesman.jpgSome tools are so complex and feature-laden that it takes an advanced degree in engineering just to wrap the head around it. Other times though, the tool is simple. Very simple. As in "cave-painting simple." Enter Channellock's 369 Linesman Pliers.

ArrowContinue reading: "Channellock 369 High Leverage Linesman Pliers - Review"

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September 14, 2010

Recoil Saw


One of the cool things about running this site is the opportunity we have to showcase little oddball tools built by lone-wolf inventors. This time around, it's a guy (John) who has devised a way to make hand sawing go faster.

ArrowContinue reading: "Recoil Saw"

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