August 25, 2010

ROBO-UNIT Portable Storage

unit_robot.jpgUNITS (Unique, No-Hassle, Individual, Transportable, Storage), a S.C.-based company similar to PODS, has just introduced the use of UNITS-moving robots. While these robots are no match for Husqvarna's Demolition Robot, they're still pretty cool.

The remote control UNITS movers are ideal for placing the storage boxes on little city streets, in tight driveways, or any other place where a full-sized truck is going to have some problems.

It's wild to watch this thing in action. It's like those little forklifts that come with lumber trucks, minus the fat, grumpy driver.

To get more information on UNITS, including locations, check out their website: The press release on the arrival of our UNITS-moving robot masters is after the jump.

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August 24, 2010

Ohio Power Tool Drag Racing...The Aftermath


This past weekend was the 2nd Annual Power Tool Drag Race put on by the Columbus Idea Foundry. It seems that it rained during the event, but that PBR got on board at the last minute as a sponsor, thus nullifying any discomfort created by the weather. Our experience is that PBR = siesta, regardless of the rain, snow, sleet, or slush. The event looks like it was a great time and you can check out photos, video, and a summary over at CopTool.

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August 2, 2010

WTF is this?


Anyone know what this tool is? We sure don't. We're trying to help out a reader who was asking...

If you know the name of this thing or what it's for, drop it in the comments with some sort of documentation (like a link to a place selling it) and we'll send you a tool. This only goes for the first correct answer.

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July 30, 2010

Ohio Tool Racing Championships 2010


It's time to start thinking about the second annual Power Tool Drag Races put on by the Columbus Idea Foundry. If you've never seen any Power Tool Races, it's sort of like Mad Max meets the Lilliputians from Gulliver's Travels; it's post apocalyptic and dangerous, but it all happens below knee level. The whole thing is a great pu-pu platter of creativity, deconstruction, reconstruction, adaptation, and teeth-grinding danger.

Here is some great news coverage of last year's event (great, minus the ha-ha, chortle-chortle mindless banter of the newscasters at the end). It gives a good idea of the people and sights you can expect to see.

So if you live in Ohio, or any state that touches Ohio, or any state that contains any of the letters, "o," "h," "i," or "o," you should mark August 31st on your calendar and head to the races.

For more information (including classes on how to make your own racer), visit

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diggerslist.gifIf you're a scrounger, you know there are a lot of deals on building materials out there. And one more resource to add to your repertoire is Digger's List, which is basically a specialized CraigsList for the home improvement crowd. At the moment, it has pages for 31 cities and will likely be expanding as time goes on.

One thing that separates Digger's List from the rest of the online classified is that they've partnered with Habitat for Humanity ReStores (a seller of donated building materials), so there's likely to be a good rotation with their stock.

The layout an navigation are nice and it didn't take long before we found about ten things that we want to buy (from a ShopSmith to a pile of reclaimed lumber). We also have a garage half-full of things we need to sell which looks like it's pretty easy to set up as well.

The site is still pretty new, so there's not an overwhelming amount of stuff, but what they have it worth a look. We hope that it catches on.

Check out Digger's List

There's a press release after the jump, if you want more details...

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July 27, 2010

DieHard Torture Labs

It seems that in the tool world, 'viral marketing' means 'youtube video of someone trying to destroy your products.' This is fine with us. So far, we've seen some low-budget destruction and some high-budget destruction. The DieHard videos fall in the upper middle range; they've got some production values, but they lose all of the artsy hoo-haa of the Craftsman ones (DieHard and Craftsman are part of the same company). And because the DieHard videos feature a bullet going through a battery, a babe in a bikini, and Reggie Watts, we rank them at the top of the heap.




They're all worth checking out. The rest are here.

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June 30, 2010

Bosch Vs. DeWalt


There are a lot of ways to measure tool companies against one another; length of warranty, availability of parts, number of tools in their cordless lines, etc. But we think one of the more important ways is by the quality of pen that they give out at their annual press events. We recently acquired a DeWalt pen at such an event and put it head to head against our Bosch pen we got at an event in the summer of '09.

The Bosch pen has these three rubberized nubs at the tip, presumably for the thumb and first two fingers. While writing with the pen, our fingers didn't always land comfortably on the nubs making for grip that felt slightly 'off.'. In contrast, DeWalt has encircled the entire lower half of the pen with a rubberized area (save these little yellow hash marks) and has smartly placed a divot on the top side where the first finger lands.
Advantage: DeWalt

bosch_vs_dewalt_bosch.jpg bosch_vs_dewalt_dewalt.jpg

Bosch opted for more of a modern shape, giving their pen tapered ends. The body of the pen is metallic blue with a silver nose and a silver central ring. The pocket clip transitions once again to silver with a graceful angle and curved return back over the pen body. It's a sharp looking pen, one that smells of elegance. The DeWalt pen has less of a rear taper (hardly any at all actually) and the yellow DeWalt color is a tad loud. In addition, the pocket clip sits on the pen in an unremarkable and quite pedestrian fashion.
Advantage: Bosch

To reveal the tip of the Bosch pen, you have to give the body a quarter twist. It's a silent operation and very smooth. The DeWalt is more old-fashioned with the rear click button. It's a loud click, but it's a solid, satisfying sound.
Advantage: Bosch (if you're sneaking up on someone)
DeWalt (if you're trying to alert someone that you're choking)


Ink Quality
We traded off pens while completing pages 1390 to 1456 of our memoir and we discovered that the Bosch is a smoother ride. This is caused by the release of a consistent and very, very slightly excessive amount of ink. The downside of this is that we noticed some 'blobbing.' The DeWalt glide is a bit stiffer, but the ink lines, while a tad lighter, are more even. Both pens are black, which is good because blue ink would have led to immediate disqualification.
Advantage: DeWalt

Bottom Line
These are both fine pens, each with some good points and some not as good points. We are of the opinion that there's room in the world for both pens. The Bosch is the one that we would bring to the client meeting; it's sleek, professional looking, and the amount of ink dispensed lets us write faster and makes it easier to transcribe the wild demands of the client. The DeWalt, on the other hand, goes in the truck. It's what we fill out our construction log book with. It's bright yellow, so we won't lose it, and when we're stressed out because the stone stair treads were just delivered and they don't fit the metal pans, we can just sit and furiously click the pen while we figure out what to do.

Update: We just got word that Milwaukee is currently developing a 12-volt fountain pen for release in August of 2012.

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May 25, 2010

10% Off Father's Day Gift Set at Channellock

VJ-1.gifIf you've been paying attention, last week we ran a contest giving away a nice set of Channellocks. We picked a winner (some dude named Jeff), so if you're one of the millions of people who didn't win, all is not lost! Channellock has been cool enough to pass on a coupon code for 10% off the prize gift set. The code is CP3Q1. Just enter that at check-out (at the Channellock Website), and you should be all set. More information on the set is here.

Again, the coupon code is CP3Q1 and it's valid at the Channellocks website until Father's Day.

A big thanks to Channellock for helping out with the giveaway and for supplying you, our readers, with the coupon.

Check out the gift set here.

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May 17, 2010

Win Things From Tool Snob!

lotto.jpgToday is the last chance to get entries in for the DeWalt Magnetic ToughCases that we're giving away. We'll be picking the winners tomorrow. Also, don't forget that you have the chance to win a Channellock Gift Set as well (you've got till Friday on that one).

More on the DeWalt giveaway here.

More on the Channellock giveaway here.

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Laist's Interview with Timothy Dahl

charles_hudson.jpgWe were checking our analytics program the other day and saw that we were getting some traffic from a website called Laist. We checked it out and it's a LA-based magazine that did an interview with Timothy Dahl, founder and writer of DIY website Charles & Hudson. In the interview, he was kind enough to mention Tool Snob as a blog he recommends and thus the traffic.

We've known Timothy via email for a couple years now and we're happy that he and his site are getting some good press. There's a whole lot of great information over there and he ranges from simple fixes to tools to design issues. There is also his great series of DIY City Guides (which we mentioned a year ago here).

The bottom line is that you should check out Charles and Hudson and if you're interested, the interview with Timothy Dahl.

Charles & Hudson

Dahl's interview is here.

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