December 13, 2010

Tool Demolition Video: Bosch Power Box Vs. Trebuchet

Bosch, being fully aware of our Trebubsession, has been nice enough to give us the first look at their new Power Box Beatdown video, in which the cubical radio goes head to head with a wonderful looking trebuchet. Actually, the term, 'head to head' indicates that there is a proactive stance from the Power Box. There isn't. It simply gets hurled about 150 feet. But what a great scene it is. Watch this Tool Snob Exclusive for yourself....

Now we've been very critical of tool demolition videos (see our lunatic ranting and raving here), and while this one breaks our cardinal rule of editing (once the demolition is in process any edits always make us think that the whole scene is rigged), it has a number of other things going for it...

1. Cows. No idea why, but the shot of the cows made us laugh out loud.
2. Music. The music selection made us feel like we were watching the Helm's Deep battle scene from LOTR (which is always a good thing).
3. A bunch of 'out-takes' at the end where we get to see the trebuchet from a number of different angles.

Also, we should note that in our big tool demolition video post, we called for the use of trebuchets in tool demolition videos. Little did we know that as we were writing that, Bosch was already in the process of putting this video together.

The apparently indestructible Bosch Power Box at

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December 6, 2010

How to Undress a Woman with an Excavator

Yes, you read that correctly...

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November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Tool Snob


Just a few things on this Thanksgiving...

1. Today is the final day we're taking entries for our Milwaukee M12 giveaway. We're hoping to have our reader-generated gift guide up within the next few days. If you want to toss your hat into the ring, there's info here.

2. We've got another giveaway coming very soon, probably by Monday.

3. The fingernail is coming off...not sure when, but it's coming off. I've now covered it with a band-aid, not to protect it, but to just cover it up. It's beyond nasty.

4. Thanks for reading. You guys are great.

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November 23, 2010

Home Depot iPhone App

HomeDepotLogo.jpgA deal's a deal, but leaving the house on Black Friday indicates a certain type of obsessive mental instability only found in sky-divers and Pamplona bull-runners. While we have no idea who would want to participate in something that may in fact leave you helplessly crushed against the Wal-Mart customer service desk, we thought we'd call attention to Home Depot's iPhone App which may, just may, take a lash or two out of the Black Friday torture whip.

So from what we hear, the app has the following features (which, of course could be helpful on days other than Black's just that we have a flair for drama):

  • In-store maps of every Home Depot store in the U.S. to help you route your Black Friday path or easily find the section you need
  • Tape measure that uses your shoe size to calculate any horizontal distance such as the width of your garage door for garland or lights
  • Interactive caliper that measures the length or width of objects used for your home improvement or holiday decoration project
  • Nut and bolt finder that helps you identify the size of an existing nut, bolt or screw whose mate goes missing
  • Room size calculator that helps you figure out how much paint, drywall, flooring
  • Hundreds of how-to DIY video guides and customizable supply lists
  • Shop for presents or projects direct from your phone. There's even live chat to help you with your purchase

There is more information on the app here.

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November 15, 2010

Tool Snob's Official and Unexpurgated Guide to Making a Tool Demolition Video


So this is officially a trend: tool companies making videos of themselves, or their surrogates, distributing violence upon one or more of their tools. I've been dribbling these videos out to you as I get word of them, but since I now see it as a full on fad, I've decided to collect my thoughts on the genre. After viewing all of the tool destruction videos I could get my eyes on, I've come to some distinct conclusions on what makes a good one and what makes a bad one. I've compiled this list of six items that I feel should be taken into consideration when putting together one of these anarchy-riddled videos.

ArrowContinue reading: "Tool Snob's Official and Unexpurgated Guide to Making a Tool Demolition Video"

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November 11, 2010

Ridgid Job Site Radio with ShockMount Technology

ridgid_jobsite_radio.jpgAny video that begins with a warranty disclaimer stating that the tool will be shown in "abnormally abusive situations,' is one that we're going to watch. We're fully in favor of the current trend in which companies display their tools' toughness by beating on them in front of a camera, but what Ridgid does in this video goes above and beyond.

To say that they're bringing down the hurt on their new radio is like saying Charlie Sheen likes to have a beer every now and then. To say that they seem to be truly attempting to destroy the tool is far closer to the truth. The standard beat-the-tool video has kind of a contrived feel, like they're going most of the way, but backing off on the abuse when they know the tool might be at risk. Not this one. And Ridgid not only doesn't back off at that delicate point, they seem to accelerate.

The one fatal flaw in the video is that there is an editing cut after they throw the radio off the roof which is the only time the face of the tool sees any us cynical, but our BS detectors went bonkers at that one. Still, the cinder block bonanza is sublime.

Check it out...

(and thanks to Reader Thomas P. for the head's up)

Ridgid doesn't have any info at their site yet, but we found the radio at Home Depot for $150

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November 10, 2010

Six Home Improvement Magazines

jlc_cover.jpgMarc over at Home Fixated has compiled a nice list of six magazines that he feels are essential reading for the DIY minded.

We like his selections (particularly when he mentions Tool Snob), but we would like to add, for consideration, the mega monster known as JLC. Unquestionably, the best building magazine out there and no doubt geared towards the pro, each issue of The Journal of Light Construction is jammed with information that would be useful to any aggressive DIYer. We've been reading it for years and we still smile when we see it in the mailbox.

Check out Home Fixated's magazine list here.

Check out JLC online here.

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November 3, 2010

RotoZip and Metabo Unveil New Websites

metabo_logo.jpeg rotozip_logo2.jpg

If you spend time online, it doesn't take long to come to the conclusion that there are a lot of really not-so-good-looking tool company websites out there (frames? who the hell still uses frames?). Thankfully, the worst of the worst (Paslode) was recently redesigned. It turns out that RotoZip and Metabo also just got a makeover.

Of the two, the RotoZip redesign is the most drastic, and most beneficial. The old one consisted of a nondescript listing of tool model numbers (snore). The new one is much nicer and has a real polished feel to it. Way to go fellas.

The Metabo redesign looks more like an aesthetic pass than a total gut. Sort of like painting over the old wallpaper in the kitchen. Still, it looks a whole lot better.

Visit RotoZip and Metabo

RotoZip tools at
Metabo tools at

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November 2, 2010

Milwaukee M12 Lightsaber

milwaukee_led_light.jpgSo for Halloween, I did a tandem costume with Tool Snob Jr. (TSJR). He was Yoda and I was Degobah Luke. But my problem was that, other than a dirty shirt and a lame attitude, Luke didn't have much to distinguish himself during those scenes. So in order for me not to hear, "so what's with the filthy clothes?" all night long, I needed some additional accessory that would complete the costume. I needed a lightsaber.

Out to the shop I went, looking for a good lightsabery item. There really wasn't any question about it, the Milwaukee M12 Flashlight was my guy (my original review here). If it weren't for the fact that it only has a one-handed grip, it could be a real movie prop.

So I ended up being the filthy guy with the flashlight. Creepy.

Didn't matter thought, Yoda got all the attention.


Note: Yoda's ears and head were lovingly hand-knit by Mother of Tool Snob (MOTS). If you're interested in fine, high quality yarns (from the fleeces of very happy sheep) or if you just want to learn a thing or two about haying, head over to The Sheep's Company. Also, if you bargain a price she may, just may, knit you a Yoda head as well.

Yoda at
Milwaukee Lightsaber at

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October 12, 2010

Ben's Workshop


One of the main pistons of the diabolical Tool Monger posting engine is a guy named Benjamin Johnson. We just saw (via Twitter of all places) that in addition to his tool-specific writing over at TM, he's started up his own website called Ben's Workshop.

In his own words:

After writing almost 1200 posts for Toolmonger, I would like to break out of the narrow column format and explore how to bring projects and other cool tool related posts to the web in some different ways. I still plan to write for Toolmonger, where I'll continue to concentrate on new and cool tools, but here in the workshop I'll show more of the projects that I work on in my shop and how I get them done.

So far those projects include adding eye hooks to a canoe rack, creating a wooden train track piece, and mounting a caliper to a drill press. As you can see from the selection, he's just recording all the little workshop things that he does on a day-to-day basis. It's not going to be a site where you go looking for a specific how-to, but rather one where you can see some interesting techniques and maybe leave with an idea or two.

It's a cool site, check it out here.

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