March 17, 2011

Win the Taj Ma'Playset from MyFixitUpLife


Our pals Mark and Theresa from MyFixitUpLife are running a pretty big contest with the winner getting a massive (and we mean MASSIVE) playset and $2,000 in Rockwell tools. Let's start with the playset. First, it's probably no accident that the sketch of this thing looks like it fell out of one of DaVinci's notebooks. This thing is huge and it's crazy. It looks like it should come with its own butler. Maybe a trebuchet too.

And the $2,000 in tools includes two Rockwell JawHorses which is honestly all you need to know. As a good friend of ours once said, "having one JawHorse is like having a helper, having two is like having five helpers." The JawHorse is one of our favorites and the chance to get a couple for free is something that all of you should take a look at.

To enter, you just have to explain why you are the one who deserves to win. Finalists are selected by online voting and the winner will be chosen by a panel of judges (fyi: our cat Marlowe, who chooses all of our contest winners, has yet to be

All the information you need including how to enter, details on the tools, and details on the playset are here.

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March 16, 2011

We're Four! Huzzah!

It occurred to us the other day that on February 19th of this year, we turned four. Yep, for four years we've been writing this site. We're feeling pretty lazy, so to honor this event, we're simply reposting what we wrote in 2009, when we turned two....enjoy...


Yesterday, Tool Snob turned a whopping two four years old. After some routine celebration (pictured), it occurred to us that we should honor this prophecy-breaking, logic-defying event with a sort of Tool Snob Retrospective. So we went and collected together the articles that come to mind when we think back over the past two four years. In most cases, they're not the most popular or the ones that got linked to by anyone important, but just some of the ones that, for one reason or another, stick out in our memory...

(cue music)

DeWalt Offers Saw Blade Sharpening Service - This was our first official post (there is actually one before it, on a snow blower, that was a test post done by someone else). It's an ok post, but pretty lame for the big opener. Wouldn't you think we'd have done something on a Festool track saw or maybe a new Bosch release? Nope, we thought we would underwhelm you with DeWalt's new sharpening service. By setting the bar so low, there was really no where to go but up.

Ridgid Fuego - This was one of our first real reviews. We have fond memories of climbing up the ladder and dropping the saw, just to make sure that the footplate would, as the product literature states, survive such a tumble (it did). It's also worth noting the ridiculous length of the review. It's like Herman Melville without the talent.

Pole Wrap - This is an interesting little product that dresses up a lally column. The post had the line, "[Pole-Wrap] wrap[s] around the Lally column, making it look not so much like a stripper's pole and more like a piece of intentional architecture." Simple enough right? We thought so, until we started getting all sorts of traffic from people searching for, "how to build stripper's pole," and "install stripper's pole in basement." It was our first real lesson on search terms.

Ryobi 4-Volt Li-Ion Screwdriver - It's funny, but sometimes we get all excited about a post and it turns out that no one really cares. With all the insanity over Ryobi's four-piece li-ion kit, we were sure that our post on the 4-volt would be popular. In reality though, not so much. Maybe ten of you read it.

Arbortech AS160 Brick and Mortar Saw- Then there are times when the opposite happens. We saw the Arbortech AS160 at a trade show and thought it was a cool item, so we wrote up a piece on it. We had never heard of the company and we thought the saw was a real niche tool and that the article would quickly disappear into the shadowy depths of the Tool Snob archives. But the word got out and people were searching for it, so over time it became one of the most popular things we've ever put up on the site. Go figure.

Cadex CPB23.50 23 Gauge Pinner - Of all the tools we've reviewed over the past two years, this one might be the finest. It's not necessarily our favorite (although it might be), but it's a complete stand-out in the arena of quality. We get a little buzz each time we hold the thing.

Keith Walendowski: American Hero - We love Keith and all that he represents.

...And there it is. Thanks to everyone for reading.

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March 10, 2011

DiggersList Now Nationwide

diggerslist.gifOver a year ago, we told you about the launch of DiggersList, a new classifieds list specifically covering the types of things that fiscally conscious DIYers go bananas over. Old sinks, antique moldings, funky tables, and five-panel doors.

At the time, the site was only really active in a number of areas, but we've just gotten word that they've fully expanded to every corner of the country. We just checked our area and at the moment there aren't a huge number of listings, but what is there looks good, and hopefully as more people find out about the site, it'll only improve.

Press release with all the facts and figures is after the jump.

Otherwise, check out DiggersList.

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March 7, 2011

Starrett Portable Surface Roughness Tester

starrett_roughness_tester.jpgStarrett, also known as "the company that makes a million tools, of which we can use and comprehend only one" (their combo square), has just released their new Portable Surface Roughness Tester. We're sure that all of you DIYers are breathing big sighs of relief at this news. Finally, a surface roughness tester...and one that's portable too. It's about time.

The tool sounds pretty intense and if you're interested in more information, we suggest reading the press release (after the jump). We're not all that bright and trying to say something intelligent about a tool that is so much smarter than we are gives us hives.

ArrowContinue reading: "Starrett Portable Surface Roughness Tester"

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January 6, 2011

Tool Snob Wins Coveted Tool Talkie


It's the most sought-after prize on the interweb. It puts the Nobel prize to shame. It makes the Caldecott Medal weep. It laughs in the face of the Olympic Gold. It's CopTool's annual Tool Talkie award, and we've just now recovered from the five day bender we roared into when we discovered that for the second straight year we achieved what most only dream of...a Tool Talkie.

This year, we managed a victory in the crowded field competing for the, "Most Likely to Have a Chain Saw in Their Hands" category. Was it our review of the $1000 Husqvarna chainsaw that set us over the edge? Or maybe the last-minute addition of the PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener review? We'll never know. It could have even been the review we did of our old Poulan. Doesn't matter. There's no looking back. We got the Talkie and that's all that's important.

We can only say that we are deeply indebted to CopTool for this overwhelming honor.

Check out the rest of the winners here.

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January 5, 2011

Bosch IXO Vino Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver with Corkscrew Attachment


Because of the lame litigious nature of the society we live in, the marriage of drinking and power tools has yet to be fully explored in a commercial context. Thankfully, Europe feels differently, particularly Euro-Bosch. Usually, when we're describing something with the prefix, 'Euro,' it's not a good thing (see: Euro-trash, Euro-hair, Euro-tude), but this time it's different.

bosch_corkscrew.jpgBehold, the 4-volt Corkscrew! Huzzah!

It's really just a 4-volt Bosch screwdriver with a funky corkscrew attachment, but we're going to ignore the fact that the tool can be used like any other screwdriver and pretend that it can only be used for opening wine bottles.

The corkscrewdriver comes with a wooden case which is quaint and nice and like everything about this tool, probably only gets nicer as more and more wine is opened and consumed.

The corkscrew costs about 40 pounds which translates to around $60USD.

At Amazon UK


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December 13, 2010

Tool Demolition Video: Bosch Power Box Vs. Trebuchet

Bosch, being fully aware of our Trebubsession, has been nice enough to give us the first look at their new Power Box Beatdown video, in which the cubical radio goes head to head with a wonderful looking trebuchet. Actually, the term, 'head to head' indicates that there is a proactive stance from the Power Box. There isn't. It simply gets hurled about 150 feet. But what a great scene it is. Watch this Tool Snob Exclusive for yourself....

Now we've been very critical of tool demolition videos (see our lunatic ranting and raving here), and while this one breaks our cardinal rule of editing (once the demolition is in process any edits always make us think that the whole scene is rigged), it has a number of other things going for it...

1. Cows. No idea why, but the shot of the cows made us laugh out loud.
2. Music. The music selection made us feel like we were watching the Helm's Deep battle scene from LOTR (which is always a good thing).
3. A bunch of 'out-takes' at the end where we get to see the trebuchet from a number of different angles.

Also, we should note that in our big tool demolition video post, we called for the use of trebuchets in tool demolition videos. Little did we know that as we were writing that, Bosch was already in the process of putting this video together.

The apparently indestructible Bosch Power Box at

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December 6, 2010

How to Undress a Woman with an Excavator

Yes, you read that correctly...

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November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Tool Snob


Just a few things on this Thanksgiving...

1. Today is the final day we're taking entries for our Milwaukee M12 giveaway. We're hoping to have our reader-generated gift guide up within the next few days. If you want to toss your hat into the ring, there's info here.

2. We've got another giveaway coming very soon, probably by Monday.

3. The fingernail is coming off...not sure when, but it's coming off. I've now covered it with a band-aid, not to protect it, but to just cover it up. It's beyond nasty.

4. Thanks for reading. You guys are great.

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November 23, 2010

Home Depot iPhone App

HomeDepotLogo.jpgA deal's a deal, but leaving the house on Black Friday indicates a certain type of obsessive mental instability only found in sky-divers and Pamplona bull-runners. While we have no idea who would want to participate in something that may in fact leave you helplessly crushed against the Wal-Mart customer service desk, we thought we'd call attention to Home Depot's iPhone App which may, just may, take a lash or two out of the Black Friday torture whip.

So from what we hear, the app has the following features (which, of course could be helpful on days other than Black's just that we have a flair for drama):

  • In-store maps of every Home Depot store in the U.S. to help you route your Black Friday path or easily find the section you need
  • Tape measure that uses your shoe size to calculate any horizontal distance such as the width of your garage door for garland or lights
  • Interactive caliper that measures the length or width of objects used for your home improvement or holiday decoration project
  • Nut and bolt finder that helps you identify the size of an existing nut, bolt or screw whose mate goes missing
  • Room size calculator that helps you figure out how much paint, drywall, flooring
  • Hundreds of how-to DIY video guides and customizable supply lists
  • Shop for presents or projects direct from your phone. There's even live chat to help you with your purchase

There is more information on the app here.

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