December 7, 2007

Cool Tools on DIY Network

chris_grundy.jpgThe DIY Network has a new show dedicated entirely to tools. It's called Cool Tools and it's on Thursday's at 9 and 9:30. They've got a webpage up with some clips of the show and there's a longer promo for it here.

One of the videos (Power, Tunes, & Clean), is their choice of the five best tools of the year. It's worth watching just to check out the JacPac, a pneumatic power source that clips onto your belt.

Be warned though, host Chris Grundy acts like he's been mainlining Red Bull, so you might want to wait until after that first cup of coffee before you check out the videos. Watching him use the JacPac to lay down a bead of caulking is pretty intense.

We scrapped our cable months ago, so if any of you have seen this show, drop a comment and let us know what you think.

JacPac at ($100)

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October 9, 2007

Mug Boss

mug_boss.jpgIf you like the Bucket Boss - that canvas bags that fits over a five gallon bucket, providing you all sorts of pockets for your tools - then you might like the Mug Boss. It's the same thing, but for a standard sized coffee cup. You can bring it to work and it'll be good for those days when you're completely beaten down by the man and need a reminder that there's more to life than Excel spreadsheets.

It's only $6, so why not?


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September 14, 2007

Will It Blend

WillBlendiPod.jpgThis is, well, sort of tool related. A blender is a tool, right? Whatever. Anyway, Will It Blend is a website where this cheerful fellow, Tom Dickson, puts literally anything in a blender to see how it holds up. The site is divided into two sections; Don't Do This At Home and Do This At Home. We'll let you figure out which of the two sections is lame and which is worth checking out.

We killed about 30 minutes watching videos. So far our favorites are the blended Bic lighters and the glow-sticks.

Check out the site here.

We actually just noticed that the site is sponsored by Blendtec, a blender maker. Buy their blenders here

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August 14, 2007

How Duct Tape is Made

Here's an interesting video on how duct tape is made. Although the narrator is annoying (we were hoping he would fall into one of the machines), it's worth checking out.

And speaking of duct tape, don't let this happen to you.

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August 10, 2007

Woodworking Joint Torture Test

mortis.jpgEver wonder exactly how strong a miter joint is? From time to time we have but now, thanks to the guys at Wood magazine, we know. They made up an assortment of common woodworking joints and took them to a lab and stress tested the hell out of them to see which ones were the strongest. Very cool.

The video is here. For some reason, we aren't allowed to embed it on the site.

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July 26, 2007

Morons with Nail Guns – Part 2

And we wonder why nail gun injuries are on the rise…

(language warning)

At least now we know what soccer hooligans do in the off season.

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June 15, 2007

Renovation Mishaps

And you thought things went wrong on your projects. This video is a clearinghouse of some pretty bad stuff; falling ladders, falling people, and even a falling house (with ladders and people attached). It’s funny, but pretty cringe-inducing at the same time. Some of these guys are obvious morons, but others are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to remember all of those who have fallen in the line of duty. We lost a good friend last year and wanted to pay tribute:


All joking aside, Memorial Day is an important holiday and if you’re looking for information on it, we suggest going to this Memorial Day site. They have a complete history of the holiday as well as online activities, poems, and speeches.

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May 24, 2007

Safety Last

Safety-Streetlight.jpgWe just found these photos of the most unsafe people we've ever seen. Our only hope is that when these losers go to the big Jobox in the sky (and we have a hunch it'll be sooner rather than later), that they go alone and not cause any 'collateral damage'.

We can't decide who is the dumbest. Is it the guy on the ladder in the pool or the guy leaning over the edge of the roof? No, we have to say that it's the moron pictured to the right. You know he thought he was a genius when he came up with that contraption.

See the rest of the photos.

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May 10, 2007

iPod Nano Vs. Framing Gun

mac_kid.jpgWe fight the urge to put our head through the nearest window each time we see one of those Mac ads where that lame artsy kid pokes fun at the business dweeb. The ads couldn’t be any more irritating if they were accompanied by a high-pitched shrieking noise. And we’re not really anti-Mac, we’re just anti The Cult of Mac; those people (like that loser from the ads) who walk around with their iBooks thinking they are better than everyone else just because their laptop is green and cute. If you share any of these feelings, we recommend watching this video of a guy destroying an iPod Nano with a framing gun. Although we can’t condone anyone using a tool for something other than what it is intended for, we found this video to be insanely entertaining. The best part is how after blasting the iPod with five nails, the guy feels compelled to leave the room to get another clip. Also listen closely to what he says at the end.

ArrowContinue reading: "iPod Nano Vs. Framing Gun"

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