January 23, 2009

Snowblower of the Gods

snowblower_1.jpgWe have mixed feelings about snowblowing; one one hand, we love firing up a piece of heavy machinery and blasting snow into our neighbors yard, but on the other hand, we're rarely thrilled to wake up at 5am to deal with nine inches of snow just so we can get to work.

But if there ever was a snowblower that would get us fired up every time we started it, this is it. Recently featured over at Popular Science, this monster is equipped with a V-8 engine (stripped off a Chevy) that gives the snow throwing blades a speed of 6000 rpm. The fact that it looks like something Mad Max would use to clear his walk only adds to the effect.

Check out the article and all the rest of the details over at Popular Science.

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January 15, 2009

Spiders Make Scaffolding?

Did you know that spiders actually create scaffolding when they build their webs? We didn't. And when they're done with it, they eat it, probably because it's cheaper than having the staging company come and break it down. We found this interesting video over at Bits & Pieces (a thoroughly entertaining website) that explains the fascinating process.

It's sort of humiliating to know that something the size of a pencil eraser is better at building things than we are.

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January 14, 2009

Stan Foster: DeWalt Finish Carpenter

Foster_stairwell.JPGWe just noticed that DeWalt has chosen a winner in their finish carpenter contest. Taking the grand prize is Stan Foster with an amazing curved staircase. Over at DeWalt, you can see about 1,000 images of Stan's winning project. It takes a while, but it's worth flipping through them, particularly if you have any interest in understanding how much effort goes into making a curved staircase.

Stan, our hats off to you. Absolutely amazing work.

Check out the contest results over at DeWalt

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January 13, 2009

Best of the Tool Blogs '08

patton.jpgA bunch of our favorite tool blogs have done year end round ups of their most popular articles. Here's the run down:

Tool Crib's 25 Most Popular Articles
Toologics' 10 Most Read Articles of 2008
Charles & Hudson's Most Popular Posts 2008
CopTool's Top 8 Blog Posts of 2008

And of course, our own list of the Top Five Reviews that appeared on Tool Snob.

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January 6, 2009

Tool Snob Top Five Reviews of 2008

PaulaAbdul_Crying.jpgWe thought we would take a look back at the traffic numbers of the past year to let you know which articles were the most popular (America voted!). Like last year's list, this ranking is taken from just straight up page views, so it naturally favors articles that appeared earlier in the year. It's interesting though that numbers five, four, and three were all written last year, so they had far more exposure than the number one review (which absolutely crushed the competition) written in the beginning of November!

So here they are, in descending order....

5. Ridgid Lithium-Ion 18-Volt Compact Drill

4. Ryobi 4-Piece Lithium Ion Power Tool Kit

3. Wagner Paint Crew Plus

2. Dremel Multi-Max / Bosch PS-50

...and the number one review of 2008 is....

ArrowContinue reading: "Tool Snob Top Five Reviews of 2008"

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December 19, 2008

Up and Running

hurricane.jpgSix days without power and eight without phone and cable. It's all over now and we're watching a new storm start up. This one promising 6-12 inches of snow. There's also another one due for Sunday (snow mixing with rain). Fantastic.

We're back up though and in the coming days we're going to have reviews of the Rockwell Jawhorse, the Arbortech Power Chisel and Mini-Grinder, a new little hand sander, the Craftsman AutoHammer, and plenty more. We'll also announce the winners of the Paslode contest. Thanks for bearing with us through our 'technical difficulties.'

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December 15, 2008

Crushed by Ice

ice.jpgLast Thursday our town was pulverized by the ice storm that rolled through New England. The force of the storm came in two interlocking phases; first, the freezing rain covered everything in ice, and secondly, the wind worked over the heavy frozen branches causing them to snap like little tiny sticks. The destruction was impressive and the center of town looks like a tornado bounced through it. One of the many trees that fell managed to tear our power lines right off our house, which is why we've been under radio silence for the past few days. Not that we're complaining though, our neighbor's garage was practically sliced in two by a massive elm.

We kept the house going with a wood stove for the weekend, but finally realizing that we were doing little more than waste a whole lot of good wood, we moved our operation in with some relatives who have taken pity on our miserable state. Because our power was cut between the main line and the house, we're pretty low on the priority list as far as getting our power back goes.

We're not sure how much time we'll be able to spend on the site this week, but as soon as we can, we'll be back with daily updates (and a lot of articles on portable generators, flashlights, and hand-crank radios).

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December 11, 2008

Houston, We Have Problem......

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nails, But Were Afraid to Ask

Seriously, everything.

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November 27, 2008

Q & A with Cool Tools' Chris Grundy

grundy.jpgWe had the opportunity to email Chris Grundy (the host of DIY Network's Cool Tools) some questions and he was good enough to give us some answers....

1. What do you think of the cordless 36-volt tool systems (Bosch, DeWalt)? Isn't 18-volts enough, or do you think that there are enough occasions where the extra power is needed to warrant 36-volts?

The additional run time for the more power hungry tools like saws definitely make it worth it for pros on the jobsite or serious DIYers that don't want to get tangled in extensions or working with an umbilical cord of power just is not an option.

2. Do you have a favorite out of the new crop of oscillating tools? Rockwell, Dremel, Bosch, others?

I haven't tried the Rockwell yet. As for the others - gotta love that the Bosch is cordless but Dremel's pricing on the tool and accessories brings this handy tool to everyone, including the folks that didn't even know that they could work without it. We can't forget the Fein Multimaster either. It was the original oscillating tool and is still a great choice - it's well engineered tool though often a little pricier than the competition.

3. Festool Kapex...worth it?

Worth it?...Please, is my Ferrari worth it? I could still be driving my Pacer but it just doesn't handle the same. The Festool systems are important when you want the ultimate accuracy and that comes with an ultimate price tag. I know, I know "It's not the tools it's the craftsman", riiiight... ask Tiger Woods to play with a hockey stick. It never hurts to have the best possible club in your bag. And I also find it exciting in the way they are inspiring the rest of the industry to kick it up a notch.

We've actually never seen Cool Tools because we scrapped our cable service in a fit of disgust over a year ago, but we've seen clips and it looks pretty cool if you can handle Grundy's heavily-caffeinated personality. They will be airing a special "Holiday Blitz" of Cool Tools episodes for the Thanksgiving weekend (starting 11/27 through 11/30), and the new season of Cool Tools will air immediately after the Holiday Blitz on Thursdays at 9pm. So check that out and let us know how it is.

More information about the show is here. It looks like they've also got a contest with a $15,000 cash prize.

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