August 12, 2009

How It's Made - Levels

We found this little video over at the Johnson Level website. It describes the process of making a level. It's about five minutes and it's pretty interesting if you've got the time.

Johnson Levels at

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July 27, 2009

'Hammered' Apparently No Longer Means 'Drunk'


If you've ever done anything and thought, "man, that was a bad idea," you'll feel pretty good about this story. It's about a guy in Romania who acts on a completely unprecedented level of the bad idea universe. The short of it is that he was apparently constipated and felt that the best way to deal with his situation was to shove not one, but two hammer heads up his *ahem*.

His home remedy was discovered when he arrived at a hospital complaining of abdominal pains. According to a Hospital spokesperson, "He was a bit drunk and said he had been eating cherries that had left him badly constipated."

We repeat, "A bit drunk...."

There are pictures and the rest of the story over at The Sun.

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July 15, 2009

Contractor Demos Wrong House

Imagine coming home from work and your house is completely gone. Maybe just a heap of bricks and a hole where the basement was. This is pretty much what happened to Al Byrd when a demolition contractor used GPS coordinates to get to the job site and accidentally destroyed the wrong house. This really happened. According to the story the contractor has apologized for the mistake, so Al has that going for him. In our eyes, nothing says 'I'm sorry' like a couple million in damages, but there's no word yet if Byrd is going to litigate these morons back into the stone ages. We hope he does.

Via Fine Homebuilding.

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July 14, 2009

Tool Snob Wins Coveted 'Tool Talkie' Award

we_win.jpgThe guys over at CopTool have just put together their first Tool Talkie awards, where they give props to a number of us other Tool Bloggers out there. Tool Snob is honored that we walked away with the 'Most Trusted Reviews' Award. We spend a lot of time trying to present relevant reviews that are helpful to you, the tool consumers, and the acknowledgment from CopTool makes us feel like the weed-smokin', endorsement-losin' guy in the photo.

The winners of the Tool Talkies are all on a megafeed available over at the article.

Check out the Tool Talkies here. Thanks CopTool.

(shameless Quid Pro Quo alert!) If you're buying tools online, always think about Ohio Power Tools as a place to purchase.

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July 10, 2009

Websites We Like: There I Fixed It

tifi-airconditioning.jpgImagine if you were allowed to fix things using only duct tape and bailing twine. While the end results would likely be functional, in another way it would be a total disaster. It would display your cleverness, but also your complete ignorance of acceptable standards and fine craftsmanship. There I Fixed it is a website devoted to people who happily walk this path of creative solutions.

Check out

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June 19, 2009

Hot For Tools: How to Hang a Door

Erica and her two assistants are at it again. This time she's teaching us how to hang a door. Nevermind that Erica manages to boil down the difficult process into about 3 steps, each of which seemingly takes 30-seconds. The details here are sort of besides the point. We're not so sure that the Hot for Tools videos are really about learning how to fix up your house. Maybe we were tipped off by the fact that one of the tags for the video is "boobs."

For her next episode, we hope that Erica demonstrates how to use the Bosch Brute Jackhammer. That, we would like to see.

And now, on to Erica....

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June 18, 2009

Power Tool Drag Racing: Columbus, Ohio

drag_racing.jpgIf you live in Columbus, Ohio, or even if you live within a thousand miles of Columbus, Ohio, you should go to the Power Tool Drag Races this weekend. They're being held at the Columbus Idea Foundry from 4 to 6. If you want to enter your own dragster, you still have time because registration ends this Friday. If you don't have the time, but want to enter next year, they're holding a workshop on how to make your own tools into drag racers. How cool is that?

This is the first annual Columbus race and we hope that all of you who are able to go make it out for the event. It looks like a lot of fun, and the more people who show, the better the chance of it becoming an institution. Just think, someday you can tell your grandkids, "I was at the very first Columbus Power Tool Drag Race..."

Prizes for the event are being supplied by the great Ohio Power Tool and other sponsors include C.H. Hanson and Skil. There is more information on the Drag Races at the official site (

In the spirit of the races, we'll send a tool to the first person who correctly identifies the movie that the above image came from. Just leave it in the comments.

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Big Ass Fans Survive Big Ass Tornado

big_ass_fan.jpgIf you haven't heard of Big Ass Fans, they're a company that makes the very small fans used to cool down computer micro-processors. We're kidding. They actually make the largest freaking fans you've ever seen. They're so big they look like they fell off the top of a Blackhawk helicopter.

Anyway, not only are they very cool and very massive, they're also very durable. The above picture was taken at a shoe factory in Missouri after a tornado ripped through and took the ceiling off (click the pic to enlarge and get all the details). It's impressive, you'd think the fans would be the first things to go.

big_ass_fans_2.jpgBig Ass Fans aren't just for industrial use though. It seems that they're catching on in the residential market as well. They're really a low energy way to move air around the house. It looks like they also help with LEED accreditation. Not to mention that Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips has one in his living room.

To learn more, check out the Big Ass Fans website here.

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June 12, 2009

Tool Crib's Harbor Freight Buying Guide

harbor_freight.jpgThis is great. Our pals over at Tool Crib have compiled the ultimate Harbor Freight buyers guide. It's a massive list of what tools are worth buying (for maybe one or two uses) and which ones to avoid like the plague. The article is split into the following chapters...

1) Developing Your Harbor Freight Shopper Philosophy
2) Top Ten Things NOT to Buy at Harbor Freight (Humor)
3) Derogatory yet Slightly Loving Harbor Freight Nicknames
4) My Harbor Freight Prediction: Prices Way Up Soon... End of the HF?
5) The List: Good Enough, the Bad, and the Abysmal
6) Harbor Freight Tips and Tidbits
7) Harbor Freight Resources Used in this Article

That pretty much says it all. It's fantastic stuff and a good example of why the internet was invented in the first place. If you have your own harbor freight stories, you're encouraged to leave a comment at Tool Crib. It might make it to the next update to the guide.

Check out the Harbor Freight Buyer's Guide here.

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June 9, 2009

Websites We Like:

bensonwood.jpgTedd Benson has been a major force in the revival of timber framing. He's written books, appeared on This Old House, and most importantly, involves himself deeply in the actual construction of these aesthetically unique structures. We've been fans for quite a while and even reviewed our favorite of his books as one of our first posts on the site (here). There was also a time not all that long ago, when we were on the verge of heading to New Hampshire to beg for a job at his company, Bensonwood.

The other day, a carpenter/writer pal of ours pointed us to Benson's blog ( and it's as impressive as the man's timber frame portfolio. Not surprisingly, Benson has a very thoughtful approach to the ideas of shelter, family, and generally how we live (and how little we really need in order to get by). The posts are lengthy, engaging, and well worth the time to read and consider.

If you're interested in more information on how the age old craft of timber framing collides with the computer era, we suggest reading this nice article from Tools of the Trade (written by the aforementioned carpenter/writer pal).

Check out Benson's blog here. Also, the Bensonwood portfolio is well worth a perusal.

Books by Tedd Benson at

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