February 5, 2009

JawHorse Log Jaw Attachment

rockwell_log_jaw.jpgWe like that Rockwell is thinking 'big picture' with the JawHorse (our review here). We established last week that it's a fantastic tool to have in the workshop, but how about out by the woodshed? Well, Rockwell is making sure that the tool is a success there too with the release of the Log Jaw Attachment.

It looks like the Log Jaws attach right to the existing ones and give the tool the ability to hold on to a log of up to 12" in diameter. There is also some sort of vise that folds out, allowing you to hold a chainsaw blade for sharpening. Add to that all the features already inherent in the JawHorse; the one ton of clamping force, the easy-to-use foot pedal, and the stable tri-pod legs and you've got something of a winner.

This looks like a great idea to anyone into carving (Arbortech Power Chisel and Mini-Grinder, anyone?) or if you're like us and you've got a wood stove and a penchant for scavenging fallen trees in the woods behind your house.

The Log Jaw Attachment costs about $40.

At Amazon.com and Rockwell

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January 26, 2009

Rockwell Jawhorse - Review

jawhorse.jpgMan's two most ancient needs are the need for shelter and the need for food. It's a little known fact that the third item on the list is the need to crush things; whether it be an ant, a beer can, or the annoying kid who lives next door. Anyway, this is where the Rockwell Jawhorse comes in, and why it is an essential tool for every single person on the planet. But the fun doesn't stop with crushing things, in fact, the Jawhorse is about as multi-purpose as a tool gets.

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October 15, 2008

PDY Systems Lift-N-Lok Organizer - Review

lift_n_lok_all_open.jpgWe're starting to have a bit of a storage issue. The big stuff is fine, it can go on shelves, it's the small stuff that starting to get to us.; the small hand tools that keep ending up in a pile at the end of the workbench; the fasteners that we have so few of left, they don't deserve a box, but we hate throwing them out; things like our glue gun and our Skil Power Wrench, which aren't big enough for their own dedicated box, but which also have enough accessories that there needs to be some containment. We recently tried out a new organizer called the Lift-N-Lok to see if that would help us with our clutter problems.

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September 3, 2008

DIY Storage Helpers

clement_storage.gifStorage and organization is a constant problem for us and we're guessing many of you as well. Just the other day, we spent a good deal of time dealing with the giant pile of tools, fasteners, and lumber that had accumulated over the past weeks. It's no fun to do and we always have to deal with a vague sense of failure when we do it. Is it that tough to put things away when you're done with them?

The trick is, obviously, to have a place for everything (and everything in its place), instead of some hazy "I sort of keep these over here, and sometimes (but not all the time), I put those over here," concept of organization. With this in mind, our pal Mark Clement has come to the rescue with a nice article on tool organization. In it, he leads us through the construction of a workbench, a cart, a tool belt hook, and a bracket for cord storage. As always with Mark's articles, it's informative, clearly written, and accompanied with some nice photos.

We also highly recommend Sandor Nagyszalanczy's (say that five times fast) Setting Up Shop if you're looking for a far more detailed look at the principals behind good shop organization.

Read Mark's article here at Extreme How-To.

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August 29, 2008

Razordeck 360 - Self Erecting Scaffolding System

This is very cool. It's just out in Europe at the moment. It's got a maximum height of 3.6 meters (just under 12 feet), with two other working heights; 1.2 meters (around four feet) and 1.8 (around six feet). It sells for 3295 pounds, which is about $6000 U.S. More information here.

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June 11, 2008


stand-guy.jpgAnyone who has ever tinkered around on a door has likely made a couple little stands to set the door in so you can work on the hinge side in a standing position. Now, there's something called the Stand Up Guy, which is simply a plastic, adjustable version of that very same plywood stand that you hacked together.

The Stand-Up-Guy is adjustable (their website doesn't say to what dimensions), and works the way the more advanced homemade versions do. The outside ends of the stand are slightly raised, so when the door/window/whatever is placed in the center, the stand lightly clamps in on it. The Stand-Up-Guy has a recommendation from the Handyman Club of America.

The Stand-Up-Guy sells for a whopping $45 apiece! Maybe we'd think about $45 for a pair, but seeing the kind of success that we have with the homemade kind (which usually take us about five minutes to make), we're not sure that this is worth the coin.

At McFeely's

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April 15, 2008

SawHelper Ultrafence Portable Miter Saw Stand

Sawhelper.jpgA lot of the tool world is dominated by the likes of Bosch, Ryobi, DeWalt, Milwaukee, and the other big name tool manufacturers. There's no doubt that they make some great tools, but we always like it when some little company produces a tool that runs so far ahead of the pack that it could only be the product of a small group of single minded people. Sawtooth Specialty Tools' SawHelper Ultrafence is like that. It's a very unique miter saw stand and ever since we first caught wind of it a few years back we haven't yet heard a single negative thing about it.

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March 1, 2008

Festool MFT/3 Workbench

Festool_-mft3.jpgAlong with the two routers (MFK 700 and OF 2200), Festool has also just announced the release of their new workbench, the MFT/3. From the looks of it, Festool has combined and improved the best aspects of their previous two models (MFT 1080 and MFT 800).

The MFT/3 provides a 43" x 28" work surface at a height of 35-1/2". One of the four legs is slightly adjustable for use on uneven surfaces. The four edges of the workbench have tracks on them which allow you to join up multiple tables, giving you a larger workspace if needed. The entire until weighs 61 lbs and the legs fold up to make it somewhat portable.

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February 28, 2008

Triton Multi-Stand

triton_multi_stand.jpgAt first we thought that this was your average out feed table, but then we took a closer look and saw that it's quite a bit more. The extra sauce in the Triton Multi-Stand is the swiveling, tilting, clamping head that can do everything from hold a door steady to prop up the other side of that floor joist. It's a simple idea and it makes us wonder why no one has thought of it before.

The Triton Multi-Stand still can be used as an out feed table so the top surfaces of the clamping head are made of a low friction material, to make things easier. The tripod is built wide and low for added stability and the height of the entire thing adjusts from 25" to 37". It can support over 220 lbs, so you can even set it up as a table stand.

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February 21, 2008

Skil XBench Deluxe Kit

skil_xbench_deluxe.jpgA while back, we told you about the Skil XBench, a cool looking workstation with a bunch of nice features. We assume, from the traffic we got on the site, that it was a big hit for the holidays. But if you don't have one yet, now might be the time because Skil is offering a Deluxe Kit with a load of extras.

Read on to see how big the Deluxe really is...

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