June 7, 2011

Veto Pro Pac LX - Review


We recently reviewed (and gave exceptionally high marks to) Veto Pro Pac's LC and LC-OT tool bags. We liked them for their easy tool organization and their durable construction. At the time of the reviews we were pretty convinced that they were the greatest thing out there in tool transportation. Well, at the time, we hadn't yet put our hands on the LX which is a size larger than the other two. Well, now we can say that this one is the best tool bag ever. Really. It is.

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June 3, 2011

True Temper Total Control Wheelbarrow - Review


Late last year, True Temper sent us their new Total Control Wheelbarrow to check out. Winter hit, so we didn't get to dig into it too much, but now that spring is here, the wheelbarrow with the funky handles is getting a workout.

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Gorilla Tape - Tough and Wide - Review


Gorilla, masters of all things sticky, sent us some of their Tough and Wide Gorilla Tape to check out and check out we did. We've been fans of their Gorilla Tape for a couple years now, ever since someone brought a roll to the jobsite and we all got a front row seat at how strong it is (it's very, very strong), but we weren't exactly sure how we'd use the extra wide roll...

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May 23, 2011

Channellock #87 Rescue Tool - Review


Channellock has recently released the third version of their rescue tool. This latest generation is smaller than the rest and can fit in a back pocket. Designed for firefighters, first responders, and EMTs, the little item is filled with features that have little to do with everyday construction projects and everything to do with saving lives.

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May 13, 2011

C.H. Hanson Automatic Locking Pliers - Review


Everyone who's anyone has a set of locking pliers. Note: We're aware that they are more commonly referred to as Vise-Grips, but that is the name given to the tool by the most popular and influential manufacturer, Irwin. Swanson once sent lawyers after us for using 'Speed Square' in the generic sense, so we want to avoid having to deal with that BS again. Locking pliers are an essential part of the toolbox and their functionality seems to have remained fairly unchanged since the dawn of time. That is....until now (cue 2001: A Space Odyssey music).

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May 11, 2011

Perfect Bungee - Review


Naming your product "The Perfect Bungee" takes some stones.


The company that makes them is called Just Ducky and they were nice enough to send us a handful of these bungees to test out. We tossed them in the truck and for the past couple of months we've been strapping down lumber and all kinds of other things with them. Here's what we thought...

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May 9, 2011

Icon Link Flashlight - Review


Anyone who has ever worked in construction, particularly remodeling, knows that a flashlight is nearly as essential as a hammer. Not a day goes by where we're not peeking in a crawl space, looking down a duct or peering down a joist bay. Over the years, we've also gone through flashlight after flashlight. Much like blue tape, sharpies, pencils, and sash bars, they tend to have the ability to 'get lost,' and, of course, when we say, 'get lost,' we mean, 'stolen.'

But that's not the only problem we've had with our flashlights. A lot of the ones that we've used have the annoying habit of turning on while they're in the pocket and thus draining the battery to nothing, rendering them useless when needed. So we were actually between flashlights when Icon dropped us a line telling us about their new Link flashlight. Would we like to try one out for a review? Of course we would...

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April 29, 2011

3M 8511 Sanding and Fiberglass Respirator with Cool Flow Valve - Review


When it comes to standard jobsite dust protection, we swear by the 3M 8511. It's the best light-medium duty (sanding, demo, etc) dust mask we've ever used. It's way better than those flimsy painter ones and it's not a bulky mess like the full-on, tuna can, toxic respirators.

So a while back we read a description of another 3M respirator and it sounded great. So great, in fact, that we thought it might rival the mighty 8511. We asked the company to send us one to try out and they did. Well, a few days later, it showed up and, what do you know? It was the 8511.

If you've never used one of these, you should give one a shot. They're a little more expensive than the aforementioned lame painters masks, but they're definitely worth it. They fit well, they've got two straps (not one), and the little valve thing keeps the temps down in the mask, so the bottom half of your face isn't completely drenched in sweat.

Note: usually with our reviews we post up pictures of the items as we've used them. Unfortunately, the 8511 that 3M sent us ended up in the trash before we could take any photos. But is that really a bad thing? Do you want to look at a used dust mask? Didn't think so.

At Amazon.com (a 10 pack is $8, which is waaaay better than what the local lumber yard sells them for).

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April 27, 2011

Johnson Hot Shot Laser Mouse - Review


We've covered a number of Johnson levels lately and this latest is the smallest so far. Called the Mouse for obvious reasons, this one shoots a straight laser line against the surface that the unit is sitting on. It comes with bubble levels on the X and Y axis so you can make the line plumb or level, depending on your needs. Johnson sent us one to check out and our thoughts are as follows...

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April 22, 2011

Kerry Saw Pouch - Review


Trucks are a total mixed blessing. Great cargo space, but when it rains...not so great cargo space. Most tools can be kept dry either by their cases (if not out for too long) or by tossing them up in the front seat (which can be a real pain in the rear). But the table saw, cursed by its size, can only sit in the back and get soaked.

Well, not anymore. Kerry Woodworking, makers of all things pouchy, have just devised their most intriguing item to date, the Kerry Saw Pouch. The concept is about as basic as they come: a fitted tarp for your jobsite table saw. They sent us one so that we could get a look-see and here's what we thought...

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