June 2, 2011

Win a Paslode CF325 Cordless Framing Nailer from Tool Snob


Paslode has been nice enough to donate one of their slick new Cordless Framing Nailers to one of you lucky readers. They've also supplied some runner-up prizes in the form of their nail/fuel packages. We reviewed this gun a while back (here) and found it to be really nice. Since the review, we've kept using it and our opinion has remained the same and possibly improved. If you're a tradesman, you already know the benefits of the cordless nailer and if you're a DIYer, it means that you can have a nice framing gun without having to buy hoses or a compressor.

So to enter to win, leave a comment at this post telling us the first thing you would do with the gun...what would you build? Since this is a Father's Day giveaway (that's when we'll announce the winner) you also have the option of telling us the first thing you would browbeat your husband into making for you.

Easy enough. And like we said, we've also got 5 fuel/nail packs to give away, so also include in your comment if you want to be in the running for those. Paslode is now selling them with little adapter pieces, making the fuel tanks compatible with their older model guns.

So have at it.

Or if you think that contests are for the lazy and insane, you can get the gun at Amazon.com for $350

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May 31, 2011

Paslode Fuel + Nail Packs

Paslode_fuel_nail.jpgSome cool news out of Paslode HQ, especially if you own one of the older model cordless framers...

Now Fuel + Nail Combo Packs Work With
ALL Paslode® Cordless Framing Nailers

Fuel Cell Adapters Allow All Nailers To Use Combo Packs

VERNON HILLS, IL - Paslode® is introducing a new Fuel + Nail Combo Pack with twist-on adapters, allowing users of all Paslode cordless framing nailers to take advantage of the convenient combo pack concept.

Now all Paslode cordless framing nailers can achieve optimized performance with the PowerBoost™ Black Tip Coated Nails (3" and 3-1/4"), which are only available in the Fuel + Nail Combo Packs. The PowerBoost™ Black Tip Coating is a proprietary coating that allows Paslode cordless framing nailers to drive the nail flush into the hardest engineered lumber, such as LVL, something many pneumatic nailers cannot do.

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March 11, 2011

Bostitch N62FNK-2 Finish Nailer - Review


We see tools as having two types of features. The first is when an engineer says, "hey, here's a little free space on the tool, let's add a (fill in the blank with a useless feature)!" The other kind of feature is one that stems directly from the needs of the person using the tool. They make work faster, easier and more efficient. The new Bostitch gun might have more features than we've ever seen on a single tool and in a somewhat amazing feat, they are all fully integrated into the design and, astonishingly, every single one lands in the second category.

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March 9, 2011

23 Gauge Pinners Reviewed at HomeFixated.com


We like Marc from over at HomeFixated.com (pictured), but we really wish he would stop taking himself so seriously.

Marc recently took a close look at three 23 gauge pinners; Hitachi, Grex, and Porter-Cable. It's a good review with some solid general info on the tools as well as some nice head to head of the features. But unfortunately, the review is completely devoid of all humor and any spark of life.

Of the pinners we've used, the Cadex is our favorite, but we've never tried the Grex and we've heard that the two brands are comparable.

At Home Fixated

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February 28, 2011

Ridgid MobilAir Tri-Stack 5-Gallon Compressor - Review


The Ridgid Tri-Stack Compressor really impressed the hell out of us when we first heard about it a few months ago. It's a 5-gallon compressor that splits apart into two smaller units that can be used all sorts of ways. But seeing something on the internet or reading a press release about it is very different from actually using one first hand. So Ridgid sent us one to test out for ourselves. Since about mid-December we've had one that we've used around the shop, in the house, and on a bunch of other projects we've got going on. Does it still impress us? Read on....

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December 29, 2010

Cadex CP23.30 23 Gauge Pinner - Review

cadex30.JPGIt's a habit of ours to loudly announce to anyone who will listen that Cadex's 23 gauge pinner (the CPB23.50) is one of the best tools we've ever used. It's like the Fein MultiMaster of nail guns in that every aspect of it just reeks of quality. We recently heard that Cadex added another pinner, the CP23.30, to their line (their third pinner) and we were pretty excited when they sent one our way for a review.

cadex_30_w_35.JPGSo here's where the new gun fits into the Cadex pinner family tree (this gets a little confusing): The 23.50, the one that we love, has a pin capacity of up to 2" and it can also shoot slight-headed brads as well as pins. Cadex has another gun that can handle both pins and brads (the 23.35) but this one only has a fastener capacity of up to 1-3/16". This pinner and the aforementioned 23.50 also have a number of other features that set them over the top (muffler, blow gun, etc). The new gun, the one being reviewed here, the 23.30, shoots only pins and...well...that's about all the tool does. It's basically Cadex saying, "OK, how minimal can we go and still deliver quality at a good price." Literally, everything unnecessary has been removed from the tool. Even the trigger.

cadex30_trigger.JPG cadex30_trigger_hand.JPG

Most pinners have a second safety trigger that nests under the main trigger. To operate, first pull the secondary trigger to release the safety and then you're free to pull the main trigger to shoot the nail. The 23.30 works slightly differently. Instead of a second trigger there is a little toggle piece that sits directly behind the trigger which prohibits it from being pulled. With a little tap of the forefinger, the stop on the toggle shifts to the side and frees up the trigger. Unlike the double trigger, the toggle does not automatically reset to the safety position, but another tap of the thumb puts it back in place.

There are other pinners out there that have this single trigger set-up, but this was the first time we had any hands on experience with it. We were initially skeptical due to safety reasons, but once we got used to it, we started to not even notice that we were flipping the safety toggle back into position when we were setting the gun down.

cadex30_in_action.JPG cadex30_nose.JPG

The 23.30 has a pin capacity of 1/2" to 1-3/16" which is more than a lot of the $100 pinners out there, most of which only seem to go to the 1" mark. We had no problem shooting some 1-3/16" pins into oak. This new little Cadex is plenty powerful.

The bottom line here is that the Cadex 23.30 is another solid gun from Cadex. Does it have a muffler, a blowgun, or an adjustable exhaust? No. Does it have a case? No. Does it have a larger pin capability than most guns in its price range? Yes. Does it offer the essentials at Cadex-level quality? Yup. Do we recommend it? Absolutely.

At Amazon.com

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December 15, 2010

Campbell Hausfeld Home Improvement Project Kit (FP260097) - Review


Campbell Hausfeld has started bundling little 1-gallon compressors with various tool sets, specific to particular DIY audiences. They've got a Home Decor kit well-suited for the artsy craftsies, a Home Maintenance kit which seems to center around drain cleaning and putty spreading, and finally, a Home Improvement kit, which is the one that interests us the most as it's created around carpentry tasks. Campbell Hausfeld was nice enough to box one up and send it our way so that we could check it out.

ch_hik_bag.JPGIncluded with the kit is the little compressor, a pneumatic brad/stapler, a pneumatic caulking gun, a few air hose attachments, and a pouch full of hand tools.

So what are the hand tools like? Well, it's a bit of a mixed bag. The rafter square looks like it would last about 22 second on a job site, but the pry bar looks as good as any we've seen. The utility knife is really basic; the level works fine, but is plastic; and the 5-in-1 looks good.

The brad gun has a nice feel to it and it's only the non-bumpered nose that bums us out. It's the kind of nose that's going to dent the workpiece no matter what you do. But other than that, it's a fine gun. It shoots both brad nails and crown staples.

ch_hik_bradbody.JPG ch_hik_bradnose.JPG

It was actually the caulking gun that we liked the most (and trust us, we were pretty doubtful). We put in a tube of cold Liquid Nail and it didn't have any problems getting some to squeeze out as if it were 90 degrees out.

ch_hik_cailkgun.JPG ch_hik_compressor.JPG

But let's cut to the chase here. This kit isn't about the subtleties of the tools, it isn't about how ergonomic the handles are, it's about value. It's about bang for the buck. And the bottom line here is that it's a lot of bang, for a-lot-less-than-what-you'd-expect buck. The CH Home Improvement Kit costs about $140 which is pretty nice for all of this in one box.

We think that really anyone would be happy with this kit. It would be good not only for the first time DIYer, but also the carpenter looking for a quick and easy set-up for punch list tasks (after throwing out the rafter square, of course). Or better yet, for the young carpenter who is looking to get some tools, but might not have the cash just yet to get the really aggressive stuff.

At the moment, there is no online availability for the kit, but if you're interested, call 1-888-CHPower (247 6937)

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November 23, 2010

Three New Items from Ridgid

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of being visited by Jason Swanson, the Director of Communications for both Ridgid and Ryobi. Swanson was nice enough to make the trip out to our HQ in order to show us some of the new items that the companies are rolling out in the next few months. Right now, we're going to take a look at a few of the standouts from the new Ridgid line-up.


Ridgid Tri-Stack 5-Gallon Air Compressor

This one will likely make even the crustiest old carpenter raise an eyebrow. It's a standard twin tank compressor...no wait, it's not. What's that third piece sitting up by the motor? Is that a...no it can't be....yeah, it's a third tank. And it's what? Removable? Are you kidding? So you're saying I can blast out framing nails all day and then when it comes time to head up to the third floor to case out the closet door, I can just take the small tank with me? Pretty slick. $279 at Home Depot. For more information, the press release is after the jump.


Ridgid Fuego Compact Jigsaw
You know how Himalayan cats have those faces that are all flat and pushed in? Well apparently the gene crossed over to Ridgid's new jigsaw. Regardless of the funky look of the thing, the size alone is appealing. It's low to the workpiece and has a very long footprint for good stability. It has a 4 amp motor so while the jury is still out on it's cutting ability, the portability is clear just by holding it. $99 at Home Depot. For more information, the press release is after the jump.

Ridgid Dual Saw
We don't have an image for this, but the one that we got our hands on was pretty sweet. It looks like Ridgid is taking the dual saw technology and putting it in a much nicer package. Instead of the simple grinder body that the Craftsman and the Omni have, Ridgid has placed a few handles and grab bars on the tool to allow, what we would assume, is very good control over the cut. Expect to see this one early next year.

We'd like to thank Jason for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come out and see us. We had a good time talking to him and we think it's great how committed he is to the idea that you guys, our readers, get the most up-to-date info on both lines of tools.

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October 22, 2010

Senco Unveils New Website

senco_logo.jpgSenco, who until recently had the worst website in all of tooldom has given their online presence a much needed fluff and buff. Actually, that's not true, what they did was thankfully start over from scratch. Their new uber-cool finish gun, the Fusion (our review here), already had its own micro-site, but it was becoming more and more of a struggle to hold back the retching when we were forced to deal with their main company site. It was so bad it belongs in a museum.

But that's all over and the new site looks good (and even has a link back to us in the 'Press/News' section...HOO-HAA).

So check out the new and much improved Senco website here.

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October 6, 2010

Duo-Fast Cordless Roofer Video

It's apparently video day today. If you still have any patience left after listening to the dude who did the Bosch voice over, you should check out the video on the new Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing gun. We had a lot to say about the gun when it was announced a month ago but we hadn't yet had a chance to see it in action. Well here it is...

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